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  1. heres_to_hoping

    It works like magic. initial breakout, dry lips, some muscle aches I was COMPLETELY clear when using it. literally, no blackheads, no pores even. it was great. Now, after I've been off for a couple years, I still break out very mildly, and very rarely. pores are back, but overall, my skin is much less sensitive and oily. overall, 90% better than before.
  2. Day: I don't really know. but I'm halfway through my 4th and last month Well, school college has started again and I've pretty much said goodbye to my free time. I'm thoroughly convinced that taking accutane was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My skin has been clear for the past 2 months, with the only exceptions being a tiny little zit on my cheek and another one by my lip that popped up (though not both at the same time) and those went away fast. My skin still has good days and
  3. hey, just stopping by to say good luck with your course! your skin doesn't really look that bad, and I'm sure the accutane will clear it up fast. you'll be clear in no time:-)
  4. Day 77...i think wow, it's been a long time since I've updated. The past few weeks, my skin has in general been very good. the exceptions have been one big pustule on my back, one big, red pustule on my left cheek and a big, nasty cyst on my chin. haha, those happened about a week and a half ago. right now, all i have is red marks. and that's it. my skin is rediculously smooth, if a little, tiny bit red at times. still, i'm so so so so so excited. i definetely think that deciding to t
  5. Day 51 Time is going fast. On tour with the band, deep in the mountain state at the moment. Lucky enough to have a hotel with internet tonight! Skin is doing pretty well. Breakout has subsided..Left side has no actives, two decent sized red marks. Right side has a decent sized red mark and one tiny active. Forehead is almost clear, nose is clear. Skin isn't dry, but isn't oily either. Has a little bit of a reddish tint to it., but that's ok. Side effects are not too bad at all. Reddis
  6. dr. dan's cortibalm was the only thing that helped me. go order some online
  7. Day 47 Wow, time flies. I've gotten a little bit lax with updating here, been way way way busy with work and playing music with my band. Which brings me to my current rant with the derm's office: We're leaving on tour in a week, and the nurse practitioner fucked my rx up, saying I needed 96 total pills when I really needed 110. Of course, the pharmacy only filled it for 90. So now I have to take a chance on the rx not getting mailed to the pharmacy on time and me ending up short a week and
  8. Day 40 Current skin condition: Good. Skin is drying up again, which is great. Breakout on both cheeks is mostly gone, and I've got one big, but dry cyst on my chin and one small whitehead ontop of my nose. Side effects are almost non existant. Lips are dry, but feel normal with cortibalm. Nose is starting to dry up, so I'll just moisturize alot. Nothing else, really. Maybe some achy joints, but, I also have a physically intensive job, so it might be that too. Total dose is 2480 MG
  9. Day 37 Long story short, I missed about 5 days worth of accutane pills due to me being a day late on blood tests, 4th of July, and numerous flubs on the part of the derm's office. They didn't register me with Ipledge, etc. etc. In any case, I've got it now. Different pharmacy, so it's amnesteem now instead of sotret. Hopefully it will work just as well. Skin isn't bad. Had a small breakout on my cheek, on it's way to being done now. Nose was a little bit oilier than it had been, but I th
  10. Day 33 Skin is eh. Had a breakout the past two days - nothing big, and not really all that inflamed, but still, annoying. But hey, it's the end of the first month, I shouldn't really be expecting huge results yet. 4 - 5 little bumps on my cheeks. Nose, chin, and forehead look excellent. Saw my derm on Friday and she was hugely optimistic -- said most people don't clear up like I have until 3 months in, and that I was one of the lucky ones. So, that's cool. Side effects are the same -- dr
  11. thanks for stopping by! good luck with your course...i know the IB sucks, but soon it will be over. try stay positive, chin up. clear skin's on it's way!
  12. Day 29 Skin is: Not too bad. No actives, lots of redmarks, and a couple of little bumps...not quite pimples or acne...just, like, dry bumps. skin's a little bit red, but, not too bad. Side effects: dry lips, peeling nose. Total dose is 1980 MG