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  1. How many do I have??? Too fuggin many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Acne = sux
  2. How have you been doing on your course of accutaine?? I am doing smoothbeam for my face, but I might still have to do accutaine for my back cuz it still breaks out sometimes.
  3. IPL machine helps with redmarks. :wink:
  4. Hey turboman. Thanx for the info, but you didn't leave your email address.... By the way, the smoothbeam is working pretty good so it's a good treatment option everybody. :wink:
  5. hmm $190 is a good price..... better than $250! but what am i gonna do drive 4 hours to dallas or something?? (i live in austin)
  6. oh and i don't know what you mean about "rolling and boxcar scars" ???
  7. that's good to hear hols that it has helped your scars. i am just starting to do the smoothbeam treatments It has helped my acne but i dunno about the scars because they are healing so i don't know how much is natural healing...
  8. my scars have kept looking better as they have healed
  9. yes it is worth the price if only to get rid of the acne. someone else i read on here got good results on his acne too. i just am trying to avoid accutaine because of all the scarry side effects but i might have to take it anyway.......
  10. hmm so you say that after a while they got to look better and not so noticable??? That's good to hear. i have alot of scarring
  11. ya most of us know how you feel! and yes i used to be good looking once. oh well i'm still decent looking... maybe you should read the skin needling forum. That looks interesting to me... I have this one huge scar right next to my left eye and it is really noticeable because of its proximity to my eye.
  12. oh and i don't know how much it has helped my scars because they are all still healing. I'm sure it helps some though because it is a collagen stimulating laser. I have seen pictures of how it can remover periorbital wrinkles (small wrinkles around the eyes) so it might be able to remove scars that are not very deep. I dunno yet...
  13. yeah it's pretty awesome! you should do iit! but it's expensive.....it's a good alternative to accutaine though i'm doing it right now and it has helped my acne a great deal. i still have to do about 2 more though....
  14. hi i have had one smoothbeam treatment and it has helped my cystic acne alot. I'm going to have another one in about 2 weeks. My whole face used to be red and now i can see my skin pigment again. Lots of disgusting scars though. i am really disfigured. I don't know if it helps any with scars?? or not?? i have to do accutaine anyway for my chest and back, but it works good if you only have acne on your face. Well no actually they can treat your back too, but it's just kinda expensive to have so m