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  1. aw thanks for ur help! I go for my first microbermabrasion tommorow! Im excited ha
  2. I was really interested in the fraxel laser. But sadly i cannot afford it. But i am going to ask my derm if I can get spot treatments for a lower price possibly...
  3. hey guys! So a local spa in my hometown offers beautytek. Has anyone had this procedure done? I have moderate scarring and if this works on scars i'd love to start getting it done. But it sounds a little too good to be true.. I may just try microdermabrasion. Have ppl had luck with that/? THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING http://www.beautytek.ca/
  4. bah ive been looking on the internet for awhile now to see if the two sunless tanning body lotions I use clog pores. Im currently tring Dove Energy Glow body lotion and Neutragena gradual sunless tan lotion It's hard to tell because there is no oil listed in the ingredients but it does not state that they are not pore clogging does anyone know?? THANKS
  5. thanks! Is alpha hydroxy acid lotion avaiable at drugstores? I actually have a clinique mask that is suppose to exfoliate gently with fruit acids I believe. Maybe Ill start using that. It's hard to get off these facial scrubs. They leave my pores so clean! thanks again!
  6. Oh thanks! I have the same problem! I use toner but its horribly drying. Can u purchase that cleaner at drugstores?
  7. oo thanks guys! I am down to 1 a day.. Its a start!
  8. I really like reading your log!! I had acne when i was young too.. before everyone else. And Ive tried everything!! So i can truly relate. Im doing photodynamic therapy right now and if it does work I will definitly try accutane. GOOD LUCK! Looking forward to seeing how it works out 4 u.
  9. i use a light face scrub once a week to keep my pores nice and clean. Is that recommended? Or does it really damage or skin?
  10. does smoking cause acne? Ive been a smoker for 2 years and have had acne for 7!! I know it prolly doesnt help
  11. Retin A has made my skin so sensitive! Does anyone know how long a person should stay on it?