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  1. Thanks for such a well worded reply! My doctor recommended a BP face wash, after talking to him. Thanks again!
  2. So I had a physical yesterday(which I was dreading, cuz I was long over due on my shots) and my doctor prescribed me Differin. I researched the crap out of it, like I always do with new things, but I still have a couple of questions: (My skin type is oily, and I have an uneven skin tone) -I am going on vacation July 8th, and I don't want a face full of zits from my differin usage. Should I wait until after vacation to start using my Differin? -Can I still use vinegar as a toner? I really li
  3. Its not fair how annoying people get perfect skin, and amazing people like you get zits. It breaks mah heart. :/
  4. You have AMAZING eyes. I guarantee that underneath all that crusty goodness is a very cute face as well. GOOD LUCK!!!! (You have such an amazing attitude: I am so jealous!)
  5. YES! It is an unhealthy addiction! I am cutting back though.
  6. I think you should try accutane. You have had acne for far too long! My friend is taking accutane and she doesn't mind the side effects much. As long as you can stand having your blood drawn once a month, I say GO FOR IT! On another note, you should be using a BP gel or cream because the soap doesn't let the BP soak in, so it is almost completely useless!!
  7. I honestly think that that is true! Benzoyl Peroxide used to be the amazing skin clearer for me, and I think that now the bacteria on my has adapted to it. For example, I NEVER get body acne, but I got one a couple of days ago, put some BP on it and BAM! It was gone the next day!! The zits on my face won't budge no matter how much BP I put on them.
  8. Pics please? ^^ I love looking at people's clear skin, it give me hope! I have acne just like you described. Could I use cetaphil instead of irish springs?
  9. This is working for me! I had really inflamed acne, and I was sick of using chemicals, since they didn't really do anything. I gave this method a try, and I am on day 4, and it has worked wonders! I have to say though, that this method should be used in combo with other methods!! This is mah Regime: Mornin' -Clean Face with Oxygenating Fizzing Cleanser -Dip for 1 minute or towel soaked in hot water for 5 -Pop any Papules that have come to a head (The hot water does this FAST) -Dip face agai