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  1. Also, does anyone know if your oil/collagen/sebum barrier has anything to do with facial blushing/flushing? I know that accutane ruins your skins natural barrier because it gets rid of oil and such (which is definitely true in my case at least). For that possibility that it has something to do with flushing/blushing, i want to know how to rebuild this barrier NATURALLY. I have def learned natural is the way to go. TIPS FOR REBUILDING COLLAGEN? SEBUM?
  2. I've heard that making a mixture of borax and water (possibly hydrogen peroxide?) and leaving it on your face overnight can decrease rosacea and facial flushing. Many people have used it for reducing acne caused by rosacea and demodex mites? I'm really unsure of this remedy but many people who have tried it say it has helped them. Anyone know if it's worth a try? Has anyone tried it and is willing to share their experiences???
  3. Hi all, so here is a little intro to who i am and what my issue is. I am a teenager who suffered from acne for 5 long years. I had SEVERE acne all over my face, but it was the worst on my cheeks. Last year, my skin was at its worst. I felt depressed and wanted to do something about it. My skin type used to be very oily, acne prone. I NEVER used to flush not even when I was extremely nervous or embarrassed. Redness in general was never an issue for me. I had the least sensitive skin ever. My s
  4. hi, i'm a new user. I decided to create an account on this website because of accutane. I needed a place to rant and hopefully find advice from other or help people. I started accutane last year on the 17th of february. I finished my 7 month course in october. I have never been more depressed since. Around month 2 I started to have facial flushing issues. It has stuck with me until now. I thought I would be one of the ones who were 'lucky' and dodge the long term side effects that are apparentl