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  1. toks

    Apeel day 3

    kamstan:How are you going to apply Apeel? Are you going to leave it on your face over night? or only one minute and wipe it off?
  2. toks

    Apeel day 3

    I bought the Apeel cream from Julie. In her instruction, it said apply Apeel on your face and leave on for 1 minut and wipe out with clean cloth. Is it correct? Did you leave on over night? I emailed Julie and she said I cannot leave it on overnight.
  3. The alcohol evaporate the second it touches my face. And it did not do a thing to my fcae. Acnes did not dry out. Blackheads still all over my face and my pores still clog with oils. No redness, no sting no peel. 70% seem to be too weak for me.
  4. Rober: I dropped the liquid directly to my face and it turned into white powder on my face. Do you have the same siuation? I used to have 2% and it never turned into white powder. It just dried out soon.
  5. I received 70% salicylic acid today. Oh my God, once I poured the liquid into my fingertip, it turned into white powder at no time. I put the powder on my face and did not feel a thing. How do you solve this problem?
  6. Does anyone know how to dilute salicylic acid?
  7. jc: Did you mean you put 6 layers of 12.5% TCA? If ues, it is probably equal to 50% TCA. You are so brave. So, TCA Complex or high % TCA , which one is more effective to you?
  8. zinc oxide is used in sunblock, right? I never know it has healing ability. The sunblock I am using now contained 12% Zinc oxide. Does it mean it not only blocking UVA/UVB but also healing my wounds ?
  9. Rossignol: You need to email Richard and tell him you are a forum member, so you can get a discount price. I remember that he said the product will be listed in his site for $25 but only $18 for fourm members.
  10. How did you do with TCA Cross? Did you mix the Colostrum powder with water and used as mask? did you did the mask right after you applied TCA or after it started peeling? Thanks
  11. Thank you Robert, Richard and Chappy for your replies.
  12. I triued 85% lactic with ph=0.28 last night. I put it on for 3 minutes and washed off with water. Is it enough to neutralize the acid? I used to have 40% and there is a neutralizer gel for the 40%(they are both finished). I bought this 85% but not came with neutralizer solution, so I just washed off with water. I wonder if it isok.
  13. I second James. The R-ALA IG is the best product I have ever tried so far. I even bought some and sent to Taiwan(my home country) for my sisters to use.
  14. I put the gel on this morning. It did not irritate my skin however, the smell almost make me faint!!! It smell like rotten fish. After 5 minutes, the smell was gone. I did not feel anything yet after one application. Will post on when I have more to say.
  15. I just received the 10% DMAE gel today. I am going to try it tonight.