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  1. Now that I'm a few days into food again - gotta break your fast well too or you'll have serious issues - I'm adding food back in ellimination diet style. Im looking to both the gaps and scd diet as well as family history, but mostly sticking to a cure-my leaky gut guidelines as I introduce stuff back in. That means so grain or sugar or dairy for sure and like a lot of other stuff until the gut is healed. After fruits and salad greens as well as green juice and sauerkraut and pickles today I
  2. It's not that I don't recommend this to everyone, I'm just telling you you gotta b in the right place to do it - mentally, right timing in yr life, and for sure you gotta b in great health and you really gotta do your research. I must say, I was in excellent physical condition. I have been eating very healthily for most of my life and exercising regularly. My eating took on a whole other level of healthy probably three years ago and getting progressively more so which each passing month/we
  3. Hello, i am three days after my 21 day water fast. Let me just say, phew, that was hard, but worth it, I got more than a lot out of it on so many levels - physically, psychologically, and like lifeforce/disposition/realizing myself/place in it all kinda way. Lol but your skin! You ask, how is it? SO good, so much better, like WOW. Granted, I also didn't wash my face for three weeks and I think that probability had a lot to do with it and the fact that I wasn't eating things that I may be
  4. Hello,I am on the second day of a water fast. I plan to go for at least 21 days, bc from what I've gleaned that is the amount of time needed to get to work on acne scars - I have enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, as well as ice pick, and larger shallow scars. ill post before and after pictures once I complete the fast/ if I see improvement. I plan to listen to my body and stop the fast when the "hunger" returns. I may also try some days of dry fasting, which I may actually try for the next 24 h