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  1. sexi_jen


    4 treatments and although its not the secret to perfection..its definatly a steping stone.
  2. LOL! Omg! I totally remember going though that! Its horrible! But its 100% normal! I had brown and white dots..it was too funny! Give it a couple days till it peels.. you'll be back to normal in no time :drool:
  3. sexi_jen


    Whats the point?? :naughty: The fraxel laser will burn them up, you will have nothing left. You have to get fillers after fraxel.
  4. Looks like a bit of a combo of rolling and box car..in the figure 7 case 4. (btw--woah thats bad..I think I died a bit when I saw that pic )
  5. How many fraxels did you do
  6. Whats retinoids copper peptides? And where can I get em
  7. WOW! Thats awesome! Your skin looks fantastic! Congrats!
  8. Can I get this Retin A cream over the counter or from a DOC?
  9. OMG! TOTALLY! My scars look a lot softer and definalty tighter. My skin as a whole changed for the better.