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  1. does accutane have an affect on testosterone and if it does what does it do?
  2. powder, liquid, something else? i wanted to crack one open but thought id ask first
  3. so you took it non stop for 8 years, but youve been off for 6 weeks and the acne is already coming back?
  4. Can you post a picture? im in class right now but they look like little red spots, almost like insect bites. they usually hang around for a week or so. could it be ingrown hairs?
  5. i finished a 5 month course of accutane a few months ago and little by little i think its coming back. i was on 80mg a day and my skin is a lot better, probably half the oil is now gone, but after i had perfect skin for a few months after just taking a pill, even just a few pimples now seems horrible. ive heard that the more isotretinoin you have in your body the greater chance for remission or improvement. so i am considering low dose for a longer time, also to minimize the side effects. if you
  6. ok well i have never had body acne before until now. last january i started a 5 month course of accutane. my face totally cleared and now a few months after i have finished i am starting to get a lot of acne on my chest, abs, shoulders, etc. i am seriously thinking the accutane caused this, i dont know what else it could be.
  7. its only the best muscle builder in history...
  8. so 3 grams a day is the reccomended amount of fish oil?
  9. ive been off for 3 months and am 100% clear, was since month 3 of my 5 month course
  10. so if someone has had 2 or 3 courses is that really hard on your body and can you have permanent side effects?
  11. is it true that the more times you take accutane, there is a less of a chance of it coming back or at least less severe?
  12. well 3 mo. post tane and ive onle had one small pimple. my problem is now that i have clear skin, i want to improve my complexion. my skin is kind of discolored and oily again. i was thinking about proactiv just for a maintenence type thing. any other suggestions?
  13. well its been 1 month since i finished my 5 month course, 80mgs a day. my face is clear but i have several red marks and scars that are somewhat noticable. how long until these fade? i also have noticed a couple of red spots that recently formed and they dont seem to go away. they are smaller than a zit, almost like a red mole. does anyone know what im talking about here?