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It WORKS!!! too big to swallow :( I figured this stuff was a rip-off, but I'm twenty years old and I tried everything else so I decided to give this one shot. It really does work!

By dsrfgsertwe,

everything. great coverage & won't break you out not the best packaging...you have to pour it out of that bottle and there have been a few times where i "overshot" it and bought way too much great coverage for moderate/severe acne

By dsrfgsertwe,

Won't break you out Shade is always a little "off"...i tried both fair to light and light to medium in the foundation and both gave my skin a grayish, lifeless look...the blush is perfect, though, and i use that on top of different foundations, that's why i gave this a 2 instead of a 1 except for the blush, the whole "the foundations magically match your skin color!" thing was too good to be true for me

By dsrfgsertwe,