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  1. a proper imperial pint and some chips are in order love, but never mind the standing in the que;)

  2. we shall see! i am pretty tired right now but the question is 'if not now, then when?'


  3. haven't heard anything, just worried that the lack of carbs/fast energy is gonna make you exhausted

  4. isn't a keto diet a really bad idea when you have cancer?

  5. dsrfgsertwe

    It WORKS!!! too big to swallow :( I figured this stuff was a rip-off, but I'm twenty years old and I tried everything else so I decided to give this one shot. It really does work!
  6. Thanks for replying. :)

  7. I'm on Doryx 150mg, after about three weeks i was totally clear =)
  8. haha yeah! :D i can't wait!

  9. you wanna do upward bound? no waiii!!! that's so cool lyssa!

  10. oh really naw yaakkk?? never heard of that city but ive heard of new york..

  11. so where you from baby?

  12. Just saw your post, haha, I'm impressed.

    Which school btw?