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  1. Sorry if there has already been a topic about this. D: Umm well i'm kinda new to make up so i am trying to find a foundation that doesn't cause breakouts or any cysts. i've tried some neutrogena compact foundation but it dried out my skin immensely. I have an oily T zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and most of my acne is in that area too. I'm looking for an affordable mineral foundation that can be found in drug stores. Does anyone have any suggestions on a mineral/powder foundation that can he
  2. are you sure it's a keloid? b/c if it is then surgery won't do anything and it will just grow back. a keloid is kinda of a scar that keeps expanding i believe. (not an expert on this. sorry. D: ) if it's hypertrophic (doesn't grow beyond the area of the original wound) then surgery might be alright. i've heard of other ways that might help as well like silicone gels sheets. maybe talk to your doctor about that? I have hypertrophic scarring myself as well but i've never tried any surgery or any o
  3. do you think it would work on like super bad cysts? and i'm talking about cysts that are like inch wide bumps on your face that practically deforms it. (no i'm not exaggerating). i been on some antibiotics before but it didn't really help that much.
  4. a family friend of mine told me to use it but i'm not quite sure if it does anything...especially for serious acne. has it improved anyone's skin? success stories?
  5. Hell yes it's worth it-5 years of being normal. To be accepted into society. With our oilly faces we're arn't cool people. I've used accutane 3 times-5 years of normality plus. Just make sure you get tests and everything will be fine.
  6. Right now i'm seriously considering accutane. i tend to get really large cysts on my nose (pracitcally deforms it. )though the rest of my skin i get minor/moderate acne. the cysts don't come often, around 3 times a year or so. but how much is accutane? is it really expensive? my family has financial problems so i'm hesitant of asking them for it. and side effects? i've heard a lot of people loved it. but i also heard about a lot of side effects too, like depression (already dealing with sligh
  7. has anyone ever used ichthammol ( ichthyol)? has it worked for anyone?
  8. i'm taking a pill of 30mg zinc a day (following the instuctions on the box) and i was just wondering if i should take more. is it bad to overdose on this stuff? any side effects?
  9. i recently bought some fish oil capsules by Nature Made. each capsules has 1,200 mg, so does that mean i only need to take 4 to get 4 grams? or should i take more? you said about 13 capsules a day, i'm not sure but wouldn't that be over 4 grams? and is it bad to overdose on this? sorry for so many questions. i'm overly cautious when taking new stuff.
  10. thanks for the advice guys. i never knew what to do when i got these cysts. hopefully with your advice it'll get better quicker! thanks for the help!
  11. I tend to gets these large pimples on my nose. first my nose gets all red and then it starts hurting. after a while it usually starts to get white stuff in it and sensitive. and it tends to scar too leaving these ugly bumps on my nose. is this a type of acne and if so, what type? are there any effective home remedies or over the counter medicine to help it heal faster and reduce scarring? i've heard of accutane but i also know of the side effects so i'm wary of taking it.