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  1. To the extent of my (limited) knowledge, and the way the doctor described it to me, accutance has X% chance of working each treatment you go on, so third time may be the charm – it certainly was for me – finally acne free at 38 after two round of accutane in the last 20 years, neither of which had the desired effect.
  2. Your situation sounds familiar. I'm 37, and have had two rounds of accutane myself, one in my early 20s, and another in my mid-20s. Luckily at the time, I was unaware of any potential side effects, and came out the other side of both treatments relatively unscathed (my skin cuts very easily now, and I can take a chunk out with a blunt fingernail, but otherwise okay). 3 months ago, I reached the end of my rope again, largely because we're having our first child, and I don't want to be the 'spot
  3. 30, had it since I was 14/15. Seems like it's been a looooonnng time. A couple of accutance courses really helped, but I'm far from clear skinned, and it still really effects my confidence on a day to day basis.
  4. Really inspirational series. Good for you, skin looks a billion times better.
  5. Dragging up an (oldish) thread, but I just discovered this - I'm brwn haired and now have a blonde fringe and eyebrows Quite funny though, but I'll take more care in future!
  6. Stats I saw reported that 80% of teenagers get problem acne (ie not just a few zits) and after the age of 25 it goes down to 3% men and 12% of women. I think that's moderate to severe. Oh, and I think those stats are worldwide, not just UK, though I imagine there's little difference.
  7. I used to do that myself, but the way you wake up looking like your skin is peeling off really put me off the panoxyl aquagel - i've just bought some of the 5% cream, although I'm worried it's going to be a bit harsh. I also picked up some of the oxy 2.5 too, so though it's pricy, I'll try it for a bit to compare. Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks. It sounds ok, but compared to non-advertised brands, it's really expensive - at least twice as much. Anyone else know of anything? At this rate I'll be lobbying the Brevoxyl manufacturers...
  9. As I mentioned in another post, I can't use the Panoxyl 2.5 Aquagel as it doesn't sink in, which is annoying, so I moved to Breovoxyl 4%. This is great, but a bit strong. I don't want to have to pay to import Dans 2.5 either. Is there a similar option to the Brevoxyl in 2.5%?
  10. I've got a question about this stuff - I found it sat on top of the skin and then peeled off, like pva glue. This meant I couldn't wear it in the day, and they don't appear to do a 2.5% in the cream. Anyone else find this, or have a way around it?
  11. I've been on three courses of the stuff, with some success. However, if you're under 21 I strongly urge you not to use it - just wait and see if you clear up with age. It's an evil, evil medicine, and many have had their lives ruined by it's awful side effects - only go near it as a really, reall, last resort.
  12. I use Clinique for oily skin - expensive, but very good.
  13. Age: 28 Gender: Male Time with acne: 13 years Best thing you've found for acne: accutane Location: Yorkshire Job/studying: Designer