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  1. nick! where have u been :((((

    1. umm lots. fall of troy, mewithoutYou, horse the band, every time i die. you sir?

      1. Hey, what bands are you into now?

        1. thanks haha. ill try to get on msn sometime but its hard to get a signal around here.

          1. dang fool. ur so mexican. have a good christmas if i don't talk to u before then. =]

            1. hey im writing this on my touch so go easy on me. chula is doing great, she said to say hello to you. :) im in oakland right now. scary shit to. going into sf today. sounds like you had afun night lastnight. ps. these people sitting next to me are speaking gnar spanish and I can understand a lot ofit,damnnn

              1. hey buttface. how's chula. lawl

                man im drunk

                1. Deeeeeena


                  How are ya?

                  1. its still not cool i dont care who it is.

                    and nothing. just woke up still drunk an hour ago lol

                    1. Its just Beth.

                      Whats up Dena

                      1. dang. spic? thats dumb. anyway hey joey

                        1. well someone said that to me once so i had to do it to somebody else. =] and yeah i'll try not to change my pic anytime soon so i wont confuse u hehe