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  1. As I updated in my last post, my #1 solution was going on Birth Control Pills. That really helped a lot. Beyond that, I used a 2% BHA (beta hydroxy acid) to keep my pores clear. A good one is by Paula's Choice http://www.paulaschoice.com/product/two-pe...-aha-exfoliants. On my occasional big zits, I used 2.5% BP, like CVS brand. And to remove makeup, I used cold cream which for me did a good job of getting all the makeup without breaking me out. I hope this helps, but I think birth control
  2. I use cold cream to remove makeup (which don't wear very often to begin with). I just use whatever is on sale or cheaper: Ponds or Walgreens brand.
  3. Hi, I'm back! For the past couple years, my acne has been under control. I use BP on the rare, big zits I get, but the clogged comedones on my forehead are gone. I've been using 2% BHA to keep my pores clean, but I also think a BIG factor is that I went on birth control (Trinessa aka OrthoTriCyclen) which helped tremendously. However, after a few years on BCP, I am stopping because it is causing me to lose my hair. I won't get into the details, but a potential side effect of birth control p
  4. I do believe I am bumping a very old post. It's been over a year! I wanted to provide an update because for the past 2 weeks I've been really in love with my skin and just had to share. Okay, the regime I was so excited about all last year did work, but my problem was maintaining it. There was just so many different things to do and I'm a very simple (cough cough lazy cough) person. What has been working for me, and maybe it will work for some of you, is that I wash my face in the morning w
  5. Here's an updated picture. I'm a lot tanner now (I tan very easily and quickly and it's been HOT in Los Angeles)! There's not much different from the last picture I took (10 days ago), but what's amazing is that it's around "that time of the month" for me and I almost always break out like crazy. Not now! Woo! Unfortunately, there's that dark spot you can see in my pics 1/2 way above my right brow. I just got the Green Cream yesterday and hope this will help fade it and even out my overall
  6. I am getting a better understanding of my skin. I know my skin tends to be on the oily side, and also, that I have relatively large pores that get clogged easily. I also feel that the rate at which my skin naturally sheds itself is slow. My skin is getting much clearer now and I know that to keep it clear, I have to keep my skin clean and my pores clear. Consistency and dedication is key, and I know in the past there were times when I was too lazy or tired to wash my face or apply treatments
  7. I've found more good (and a lot of it) anecdotal testimonials about ACV than bad, and so far, it doesn't seem to be hurting me so I'll continue to use it unless something changes. I tried to drink it the first few days because many people also said it helped with energy levels and internal cleansing, and I did feel a bit more zippy those days, but I just couldn't stomach the taste and stopped. I too pick at my bumps... been trying hard not to. There's just something so satisfying about certai
  8. Progress Update! At the same time as my first post, I read through a lot of other posts and did some research. What I decided to do was to deep clean my face every other night with apple cider vinegar, and also use 2.5% BP every night (on nights when I use the ACV, I would wait about 1/2 hour before applying the BP). I wash my face every morning and night with Clean & Clear, though it usually doesn't matter what I use to wash my face. I tend to stick to whatever's on sale and have been u
  9. Is BP not recommended for this kind of acne? I thought BP was the product of choice for all kind of acne? I'm quite confused... will BP hurt me or help? TIA
  10. I've always had very oily skin, and now and then, I'd get blackheads on my forehead, chin, or nose. But in the past few days, I'm getting these clusters of tiny, hard, flesh-colored bumps all over my forehead. If I try to squeeze them, the only thing that happens is that they get redder! Are these whiteheads? They don't look very white to me! It looks so bad... what should/can I do? I think what I really need to know first is what these are so I can start some research on how to fix it.