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  1. BabyBoy Fraxel SR 1500 Laser (five treatments) Judge for yourself:
  2. if you do a search in google images there is an image of a woman with the blue dye on her face. and there is an overlay mask showing the sections of the face in how they split it up when doing treatment.
  3. it asks me for the http: but its on my desktop. i put it as my avatar anyway.
  4. i just use a bowl of tepid water and dunk my face. its soo dry. if i need a wash for something that got on my face i use cetaphil sensitive skin
  5. http://www.coherent-amt.com/imageBank/imageCat.asp?c=45 --straight on looks like no improvement. from side its dramatic. http://www.walterchiara.ch/press/32.jpg --hard to believe its the same woman! http://www.chemian.co.kr/sf_intro/hospital_04_06.html --scroll down http://www.s-kyoritsu.com/fraxel.html --cool histology slide of the mends buttons http://www.facecrafters.com/cgi-bin/cp-app...;aff=&pg=p5 --she looks like helen of troy after http://www.lumenis.com.cn/news/ActiveFXnews.a
  6. same here. my acne is gone now, but i have hair loss from laser all over my face. it looks weird so i dont go out. i haven't even left the first floor of my house for a week.
  7. look at the fraxel thread. its got hundreds of pages for your curious george mind.
  8. have to wait one year after accutane before any kind of procedure: waxing, laser, peel, anything like that. otherwise you'll end up with more scars.
  9. swim in salt water or pools.
  10. i was gold when i was 14 and just discovered masturbation but had none of the acne and other side effects of puberty. i was loving my own body and imagined that at 25 i'd have the life of some college frat guy from a movie or tv show. with like babes and lots of friends and a convertible. right now i have no friends. literally none. total loner. no car. none. haven't even left home in weeks. haven't been laid in years.
  11. you got give them something to talk about. like the song says. whip it out and make em take notice. otherwise you are yesterdays news honeychild.
  12. see that's the problem. you weren't clear to the audience. you chose to sound good to yourself at the expense of your audience saying WTF? that's the first sign of bad and immature writing.
  13. careful. hydrocortisone isnt high potency. but other steroids topicals will thin the skin very quickly and can leave you with red blood vessels (telangiectasia) and stretch marks. two weeks off and two weeks on with any topical steroid mmmk?
  14. stay below 40. you'll get permanent side effects on any more. those higher doses you read about where meant for severe cystic acne. you'll be complaining of eczema if you go higher. mmmk?
  15. good choice. i wish i quit earlier. i have barely visible capillaries.
  16. oh i see she was hit by the bus of love? oh no, of acne! who was the driver?
  17. bedroom eyes are actually attractive. you want them. dont cover them. rent a dvd from netflix called the secret life of the face narrated by john cleese and with that british lady from austin powers. it talks all about subconscious attraction. the bedroom eyes make you look just like you'd look at orgasm so its attractive to mates.
  18. i used to play games where the whole world was watching what i do and i had to do things like beat it back to the kitchen before the microwave went off, to win the secret world series olympics for some delusional event.
  19. how is it that the zinc actually works. cos its actually a metal isnt it?
  20. fraxel is your best bet. get fraxel SR 1500 with the new roller tip that requires no blue dye.