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  1. oh if it helps i was at 20mg the 1st month, and 2nd and 3rd month on 40mg and now on the 4th month im on 60mgs i tolerate them well cus as long as it can clear me, only thing is that chap lips that kill me but i have vaseline so im good
  2. you are real funny and hope everything works out for you its like my fourth month on tane not much improvements but lil on the back and shoulders and maybe the forhead but hope everyday works out for us
  3. ok i have been on accutane for 4 months almost but i know i have to wait like 2 months for a results but any ideas for what i got i feel like i got no hope pic link http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/3923/26024936bp9.jpg
  4. im on 20mb on my 7th day wow been so long already have some moderate to severe just some red marks, but im looking to forward , not much sides effects yet
  5. well good news started accutane today derms confirm yesterday well hopefully everything goes ok
  6. going to derm thrusday got my test results back lipids are down so no side effects might hold me back this time
  7. i feel ur pain i got the same thing but hopefully i will get accutane this thrusday at my derm appointment
  8. me i recommended the derm for one of those shots to reduce the cyst
  9. the benzamycin seems to work a bit face doesnt seem as red as it use to now that i look at my skin but i will go to appointment but im see what they say, at times it seems itch a bit i really never notice but i dont scratch, but thanks for the advice im going to start the regimen maybe by tomorrow and the thing is the last time i went to the derm like a year ago they where going to give me accutane but they said my blood level where so high so they said that might caused my accutane to have a si
  10. im on now benzamycin and i was on doxycyclin but i was taking off so is benzamycin any good doc said it was like a inflammatory infection
  11. i dont know what i even got no more this seems terrible im going to the dermatology again this month but i need some help with this until my appointment