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  1. Hi all, I am days away from finishing month 3. When i went in to the derm at the end of month 2, she said my skin was looking good-with only a few resolving spots. I do have the occasional new one but I'm happy with the amazing progress. She also said that it usually takes people until the end of the 3rd month to get this clear, and mentioned ending the course early. My question is this: My insurance will be gone very soon, and I can't afford cobra. Is 4 months of treatment enough? I am so so s
  2. when i first started i had sore throats a lot. Now it's occasional. But i am about 2 months in and i am still exhausted!! i have to force myself to exercise and do things. Can't kick this tired feeling. But no depression.
  3. thanks all. i've been pretty positive so far, but ugh i just want them to stop flaring! hoping for the best in month 3 ; )
  4. Ok, so i've been on accutane for about 50 days now. I've always had bad cysts on my chin and cheeks. They seem to be staying as bad as they were before starting, i even have a new one that won't go away. They just keep flaring (HUGE) and won't go flat. Has anyone else had this? Do they ever fully go away? It's so annoying and embarassing. I've heard a lot of people on here were clear by month 3, so I'm kind of hoping a miracle will happen by then. Basically just wanted to hear from some cystic
  5. I'm having the same problem!! Is it psoriasis? I keep putting lotion on it.
  6. my eyes have been dry since week 2 (now in week5) and it's to the point where my eyes are stuck shut in the mornings. i sleep with my chapstick and eye drops because when i wake up i need them that bad!! Mine are dry and hurt a little, but not red.
  7. 3rd week. I used to have to wash my hair everyday....now I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week!! At first it was kind of weird, but then I realized it was going to save me a lot of time in the morning
  8. Accutane is covered by my insurance (aetna). I'm only 18 days in, so I haven't noticed too much of an improvement other than my skin is not as oily and most of my body acne is drying up. I went through the whole spectrum of antibiotics (worked for a while then became immune), topicals, and otc stuff over 15 years before getting on accutane. I just wish i would have known more about it earlier and gotten on it sooner.
  9. lucky!! congratulations. Can't wait to be in your position some day!
  10. wow!! you look amazing! congratulations thanks for sharing
  11. I've been on accutane for 11 days now. My face is about the same as it was when i started...haven't had an 'IB' yet, but i noticed that i've been getting a lot of cysts on my back. Has anyone else had this happen? I mostly get acne on my shoulders/arms/chest so this is new.
  12. I wouldn't risk it...diet pills scare me! I lost 40 pounds by changing my eating habits/exercise and I work out 4-5 times a week to maintain. I agree with the person above who said to do your course on tane and then decide about the pills!!
  13. I'm also on amnesteem right now...and everything seems to be ok so far-only 2 weeks in, but having what I would call the normal side effects after reading numerous posts.
  14. ugh! that sucks. i can't imagine a doctor doing that...time to find a new one. I got very lucky, i have 2 and both are 100% supportive and reassuring. ..what good does it do to remind someone of their weaknesses? Acne has most definately made me insecure and self conscious. Bla! that's just shitty. But really, find a new doctor, there are a few out there that care!
  15. Thanks so much! I may be bothering you soon I just took my first dose tonight. Reading about all the side effects is scary though.