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  1. I see a therapist and she thinks I have a bit of body dysmorphia as well as agorophobia which is another story. Anyway, what people dont realize about me at least is that I dont think my scars are horrible, esp. compared to people with real problems such as life threatening illness or hardcore physical problems but these acne scars are there, whether someone wants to admit that or not, and for many of us they truly do inhibit us in our everyday lives. This doesnt occur out of thin air. Whether p
  2. Tin, I really pray for you and wish you the best. I know this must be a horrible time in your life and I understand why you might feel the way you do, but I try to look at those people out there who are disabled, badly burned, or have other physical defects who still find happiness in life and have been able to "survive" and it inspires me to do the same. I hope there is someone in your family or circle of friends that you could confide in and become very close to because my family has helped me
  3. Hello guys...exoderm sounds very interesting and promising and I wish all of you luck with your procedures. I was wondering exactly what pictures are you talking about that show an after effect of glossy skin? I would like to see but cant seem to find them throughout this thread thanks
  4. leo, I am so so so so happy to hear about your great anniversary, and the compliment you recieved about your skin. Poe, im also happy to hear your dermabrasion went equally well. You guys are def. an inspiriation as are most people on this board! good luck and healing
  5. Jbird, same for me!.....My scarring isnt and never was that bad but def. noticable and needs improvement....after a few Tca Crosses my scars have all become very shallow but im still left with a nice amount of shallow imperfections and indents all over my cheeks.....I want to get dermabrasion or an abalative laser for overall improvement but am afraid...we'll see
  6. Hello Meet Pete, i am so glad to hear that you have had success with your scar revision. I was wondering if you could post your pics for us to see because I would like to have dermabrasion,laser or something done in the future. Thank you and once again, congrats on your results
  7. Hello Azn...Me too! only my cheeks scar for whatever reason....but they also are the part of my face that gets the most acne...I hate it though....If my forehead scarred, I'd def. wear bangs......I have mostly shallow scars...some rolling and some boxcar and some weird linear ones....then i have 4 or 5 small icepicks.....TCA cross has worked wonders for my scars though....Good luck with your skin;)
  8. Hey..I would def. try TCA cross if i were you....Ive done it and it has given me noticable improvement...Good luck...scars or not,you look like a pretty girl
  9. Hey Misty. I've done cross a few times and thats exactly how my treated area looked...Sometimes it varies when the treated skin will actually frost and scab up but everything looks fine... Good luck, which I am sure you will have because this procedure proves promising !
  10. About 2 weeks ago I popped a pimple <eek sorry>and put massive amounts of clearasil on it which caused the area to be raw and watery...I bought the spenco 2nd skin fast heal gel and within 3 days the raw skin began to heal....after a few days, what i thought was an almost perfectly healed area began to look all peely...the skin that grew over the wound began to come off and as of saturday Ive had this horrible looking patch of skin that looks indented,uneven and just bad....it looks like i
  11. Yeah, I heard theyre from Lupus too but he seems to handle himself well and is very sucessful....I heard he dated Naomi Campbell in the past too....either way, I think its great that he and so many others with scars or physical defects have fullfilling lives...I wish I could reach that point
  12. Leo and Annabel, so glad to hear that your recoveries are going well Anna, I was wondering if you had your whole face dermabraded? My scars are basically all over my cheeks...theyre pretty shallow but theres a decent amount of them...Thank you
  13. Hey, im sorry to hear about the raised scar. I myself have indented scarring...but both are equally disturbing and annoying to deal with. If it bothers you alot, i think Ive heard about spot dermabrasion orlaser helping raised scars...since you only have that one that really bothers you, a spot dermabrasion would be much cheaper than a full face. Also, ive heard about silicon sheets and stuff that help. Good luck and im sure everything will work out..it just takes time
  14. Hello Scars from mars.....I cant really give a good percentage as to how my scars have improved but if I had to, id say some scars are almost non visible now while others that were once deeper are now very shallow.....my problem isnt really the depth or size of the scars anymore since I did the 50% TCA cross and got so much improvement.....instead its the fact that I have alot of them...I did 50% TCA cross 5 times and am left with very shallow imperfections/scars whereas before they were much mo
  15. Ive performed 50% TCA CROSS 5 times thus far, and have gotten great results.....but there have definitly been occasions where the treated areas looked so much worse than they were previous to the TCA treatments but it just took time for the skin to heal and collagen to form.... I would stay optomistic because Im sure the collagen will continue to build and the scar form will change;) If not, maybe you should see a doctor who does TCA peels or TCA CROSS