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  1. hi, guys, I have been on Accutane for almost 4 months. I am completely clear, my oil is gone and my skin is finally healing. I suppose to be on it for another 2 months but I am considering stopping. It is about to be summer and I will be in the sun a lot. I also don't like how Accutane makes me feel, definitely feeler weaker and more tired than before I started. Has anyone else stopped early before and kept their good results?? Will 2 months change how long my skin stays clear?? any insight woul
  2. Ish11_, i went to a minute clinic when I was experiencing the fullness in my ear. It turned out to be a large piece ear wax stuck in a weird spot in my ear. I thought it was due to accutane since I was at the start of my course so I freaked out. I would try to clean your ears and see if thats it too, who knows...
  3. I will check that out too! do you just leave it on like a face mask and then wash it off? if you have been on Accutane, has anyone experienced constant facial red/pinkness. I keep moisturizing but its still pink, and it makes my face and marks look worse than they are. very frustrating
  4. thanks for the response! did you find accutane helped fade the marks at all? I am currently using aloe every night but can't tell if it's making a difference. I have heard rose hip oil is also effective but haven't given it a dry yet.
  5. hi guys, so i have no active acne and haven't for about a months since I started Accutane. However, I have a lot of hyperigmentation and red marks. While on accutane what should I do to help fade those? I know stay out of the sun, moisturizer, drink water but any products people recommend that work well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I have been on accutane coming up on 2 months. After the initial breakout of the first week, I have only had 2 spots since then!!!! I have been washing my face less, lathering on moisturizer. My question is will accutane stop any acne from forming regardless of what I do to my face? Basically will getting a pimple be determined by accutane and not what I personally do? I have heard that when on accutane, and you can do whatever you want since the medicine will overall decide when you
  7. hey guys, i have been on accutane for a month and half. I have had barely any new acne and my oil is completely gone, which is great. However, my face is always pink no matter how much moisturizer I use. Is it normal to have a red glow when on accutane? also does anyone have any suggestions on fading hyper pigmentation of previous spots. I have been using aloe vera and moisturizing after at the moment
  8. @AndreaR thank you for the reply. I haven't washed since last night. After I washed last night, I did aloe vera and then moisturizer over. It is less red today but still red, and patchy skin. My skin does not look good, but there is not a single pimple or anything. Do you suggest no washing my face again tonight? or should I wash and then do the same routine... Also any thoughts on moisturizer, vs aloe vs aqaphor and which would be the most hydrating. Thank you
  9. How many times a day is everyone washing their face while on accutane? I wash my face every morning and night with Cerave Foaming Cleanser, but my dermatologist told me thats too much. I am scared to stop washing my face because I don't want to breakout and have done it for the last two years religiously. He said to just use water and wash once a with cleanser. Whats everyone's thought on this? While on accutane can I worry less about cleaning skin besides moisturizing? is it much harder to brea
  10. I am on day 24 of my first month, and i am also experiencing really dry/flaking skin. What oil cleansers are you guys using? and i always thought oil cleansers broke you out. I am using cerave gentle foaming cleanser at the moment
  11. ok thank you, i will give it a try!!
  12. Hi guys, I am 20 days into accutane and experiencing really dry/flaking peeling skin. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? I have been moisturizing but it only helps a little. Can I exfoliate? Or can I gently rub the dead skin off with my hands? also is this gonna last my entire accutane treatment? If you can answer any my questions that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I haven't had dry skin/less worrying in almost 3 years crazy.... I have still been washing my face every morning and night because I don't want to jinx it or break out... have you continued your same face wash/treatment routine? I would like to skip washing in the morning but don't want to break out. Also have you noticed if your remarks are starting to fade?? if you have hyper hyperpigmentation
  14. thats good to hear, i am in the same boat. I am coming up on 20 days and my skin has been pimple free, and really dry. I don't have to worry about oil, what i eat or breaking out. Its worked so fast, i had a small initial breakout like 7 days in but nothing but. Did you break out at all?