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  1. I get annoyed by statements such as this. You can't blame everything that happens to your health decades after accutane, on accutane. When I say my digestion is absolutely spot on and i feel really healthy 8 years after accutane except for my skin, you can't then sit there and your response be ''oh some things might not happen until years after'' .... because that's the sad fact of life, conditions develop as we age. People who have never touched accutane may develop IBS and other pro
  2. Nah, my skin would absolutely fall under the 'hypersensitive' category but my digestion has always been absolutely fine. Never have IBS or constipation and I pass healthy stools at around the same time every morning, my digestion is like clockwork.
  3. For the past few years I've just had the severely dry skin, however, the past 2 years I developed anxiety and feel tense 90% of the time, affecting my sleep the past few months. I don't know if this is down to accutane or just the stresses of life and becoming a father. I can't really blame everything that happens to me on accutane, people who never touched the stuff are worse of mentally than I am. Half of my anxiety is due to the condition of my skin, it's hard to face people every day and liv
  4. Beef, turkey, some chicken (doing low vit A not zero), rice, potato, oats, oat milk, bread. Stuff like that. Supplementing Vit C and nothing else. I don't get those adverse affects when eating fat. Although, maybe i've just not eaten enough!
  5. Just thought i'd jump in - 4-5 weeks into low vitamin A diet - although i'm still learning and having slip ups with things that state don't contain vitamin A but contain Retinoic acid not listed, such as Pork. Very slight improvments so far, skin not quite as dry, although still dry and damaged, seems to be a little less dry though, it will be a slow process for my badly damaged skin to heal. My sleep quality seems to have improved slightly too, im still anxious a
  6. Sorry Jack - I'm 8 years post accutane and my skin is drier than when I was on it - oil production never returned. I'm currently 4 weeks into trying a Vitamin A depletion diet. Might be something worth looking in to.
  7. I shared a few emails with him recently regarding starting a low to zero vitamin A diet. I've been doing it around 3 weeks now, maybe just over 3 weeks. During the first week or so I experienced some side effects like I had whilst on accutane (8 years ago) - such as painful heels, extra dry lips and had a couple of really painful headaches (i never usually get headaches). Since then they've started to ease off again, heels aren't painful anymore. Other than that, there's been no impr
  8. 100% - The creams will break down your skins barrier and cause long term damage. You need to work on repairing the barrier as best you can. Ceramides, lipids, omegas 3&6 etc..
  9. Justdry

    Even my principal noticed

    You get what you need out of it - you get it out of your system. I went through the same thing at school, used to do everything i could to try and hide my face, especially with scarves. However, looking back now, I wish i hadn't, I wish i'd just owned it and let the acne run its course. I took accutane in my early 20s and it was the worst decision ive ever made so please don't do anything drastic. Just let the acne run its course, everyone gets it and although it makes you feel alone
  10. Justdry

    Oral Isotretinoin for Sebacious Hyperplasia

    Isotretinoin is just a complete roll of the dice. I have one or 2 friends that have taken it and made full recoveries since taking it. However, there are a large majority (myself included) who suffer for the rest of their lives. It's been 8 years since I stopped taking accutane now and I still have side effects. My skin is 100x worse now than it ever was when i had acne. I'd advise anyone thinking of taking accutane to rethink this. It's a gamble with your life. I would give anythin
  11. Don't do this - I ended up doing this for 5 years and now my skin is practically unlivable - it became so dry that scales developed and now I have no moisture retention in my skin at all - I'm now 31 and have fine lines and wrinkles everywhere. I also can no longer sweat from my face since doing this for so long.
  12. Justdry

    Oral Isotretinoin for Sebacious Hyperplasia

    My advice to you is to stay away from accutane and find another way to treat.
  13. I've only got dry skin issues so I might give it a shot. I've been taking beta carotene every day for a couple of weeks and started eating a lot of cheese and milk the past few days and my skin has all of a sudden gone extra dry the past 2 days, even through moisturizer. Not sure if this is a coincidence or what. I'm confused though because the bumps on the backs of my arms have disappeared, which you would think is a good thing. I hate this minefield.
  14. I really don't think I could manage a water fast - I'm skinny enough now as it is Whats your daily meal plan look like with the depleted diet?
  15. Thanks for responding. My skin is extremely dry 8 years post accutane. It's severely damaged from the long term dryness, so, it's red, doesn't heal over, absolutely zero moisture retention. I believe I caused this by washing with water only for 5 years, however, as it won't heal over and act like normal skin do you believe following this diet may be the key? When I do think back, the worsening condition with my skin came at a time when I was hitting the gym a lot and was consumi