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  1. 100% - The creams will break down your skins barrier and cause long term damage. You need to work on repairing the barrier as best you can. Ceramides, lipids, omegas 3&6 etc..
  2. Justdry

    Even my principal noticed

    You get what you need out of it - you get it out of your system. I went through the same thing at school, used to do everything i could to try and hide my face, especially with scarves. However, looking back now, I wish i hadn't, I wish i'd just owned it and let the acne run its course. I took accutane in my early 20s and it was the worst decision ive ever made so please don't do anything drastic. Just let the acne run its course, everyone gets it and although it makes you feel alone, people really don't change their perception of you because of it. As hard as it is to believe that, trust me, it's true. Just do the usual things, wash with a pH balanced cleanser, don't use any harsh drying products, avoid sugar and dairy etc... and just let your face be how it is, it won't be that way forever, just be confident in yourself and try not to let it bother you.
  3. Justdry

    Oral Isotretinoin for Sebacious Hyperplasia

    Isotretinoin is just a complete roll of the dice. I have one or 2 friends that have taken it and made full recoveries since taking it. However, there are a large majority (myself included) who suffer for the rest of their lives. It's been 8 years since I stopped taking accutane now and I still have side effects. My skin is 100x worse now than it ever was when i had acne. I'd advise anyone thinking of taking accutane to rethink this. It's a gamble with your life. I would give anything to go back in time and not take it. I'd happily take my acne back.
  4. Don't do this - I ended up doing this for 5 years and now my skin is practically unlivable - it became so dry that scales developed and now I have no moisture retention in my skin at all - I'm now 31 and have fine lines and wrinkles everywhere. I also can no longer sweat from my face since doing this for so long.
  5. Justdry

    Oral Isotretinoin for Sebacious Hyperplasia

    My advice to you is to stay away from accutane and find another way to treat.
  6. I've only got dry skin issues so I might give it a shot. I've been taking beta carotene every day for a couple of weeks and started eating a lot of cheese and milk the past few days and my skin has all of a sudden gone extra dry the past 2 days, even through moisturizer. Not sure if this is a coincidence or what. I'm confused though because the bumps on the backs of my arms have disappeared, which you would think is a good thing. I hate this minefield.
  7. I really don't think I could manage a water fast - I'm skinny enough now as it is Whats your daily meal plan look like with the depleted diet?
  8. Thanks for responding. My skin is extremely dry 8 years post accutane. It's severely damaged from the long term dryness, so, it's red, doesn't heal over, absolutely zero moisture retention. I believe I caused this by washing with water only for 5 years, however, as it won't heal over and act like normal skin do you believe following this diet may be the key? When I do think back, the worsening condition with my skin came at a time when I was hitting the gym a lot and was consuming about 4 or 5 eggs per day ontop of all the meat and Whey. My only real symptom remains my skin though. In recent months my hands have now become dry and the head of my penis also. I started supplementing with Beta Carotene a couple of weeks ago and nothing has worsened so I don't know.
  9. I have been reading his e-book all day and the recommendations he made toward the end for the diet were very limited. Further to that, he said he intends to do that for the rest of his life, so forgive me for assuming that was the blanket suggestion there. Is there another paper of his I am missing with further food sources?
  10. Can you elaborate? How was your skin before you started this diet? I have just looked at his suggested diet and I cannot imagine restricting myself to those foods for the rest of my life. What are you eating on a daily basis?
  11. Just a quick update on taking Beta Carotene - Been a couple of weeks or so now. The bumps on the backs of my arms that I have had since taking accutane have nearly disappeared and haven't returned. My anxiety feels a little less, not clenching my teeth together half as much. I don't have ED and have never had a problem getting or maintaining an erection, however, noticed more morning wood since the BC. Skin on my face is still terrible and dry, which is the one thing I want to fix.
  12. Hello - I am trying to repair my skins moisture barrier and have recently added hemp seed oil into my nighttime routine, however, I am unclear on when it in the process it should be applied. You read about applying them based on consistency, however, you would think that oil would be applied first as it is the most water like substance. Yet, I read posts that say moisturizer can't absorb through oil and therefore, oil should be applied after. I also read some articles about how certain plant oils are occlusives but i can't find a single piece of literature that says this is the case with hemp seed oil. Can anyone advise on when in the routine I should add the hemp seed oil? I currently wash with sebamed 5.5 pH Apply the hemp seed oil Apply aloe vera gel Apply Omega 3 & 6 moisturizer Apply Aquaphor to seal it all in Appreciate anyone's input and criticism, thank you.
  13. Way to make someone despair !
  14. update on beta carotene. No adverse effects - feel like my anxiety is getting a bit better, less jaw clenching. However, i've started getting regular whiteheads around my mouth and my chin area which i haven't had in years. Don't know why that would be =/ My skin is still really red and dry.
  15. It's not the vitamin A - it's something else you're getting or doing on that diet - or something that doesn't agree with you when you go back to your normal diet. I can pretty much guarantee that it isn't the vitamin A in food causing the issues. Many of us, like myself, have gone years without consuming vitamin A and it doesn't change a thing. You more than likely have vitamin A deficiency after accutane, so avoiding it will make things worse in the long run. I don't buy into the long term vitamin A toxicity theory, i think our bodies have a lack of it or don't know how to use it properly after accutane. It's an essential vitamin, we shouldn't stop consuming it.