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  1. i may b desparate but i wos thinking more along the lines of a cosmetic product! lol try 2 get sme pics 4 people 2 c, u may say its not major but i cant help but feel concious bout it once again, fank u 4 any recommendations (btw i hve started use cp serum, is this wise / will it give good results?) ttyl shams
  2. can any1 recommend a product that will get rid of large pores and shallow icepick scars within 10 weeks? (btw i hve 1 quite deep scar in the middle of my 4head (OMG!) and i am a 17 year old male) fank u 4 any recommendations ttyl
  3. fanx wynne how long does it take for the effects to be really noticeable? i hve some shallow (people say very shallow but i feel differently lol) icepick scars and one really noticeable pothole in my forehead and sme skin discolouration . do you think that the cp serum will be able to rectify it in less than 8 weeks (i hve an upcoming social event)? any info, insight or comments will be appreciated fanx
  4. Hey evry1! just want 2 no if the cp serum that skin biology canada sells is effective? & for people in uk and ireland who bought it ova the internet how long did it take 2 reach ya? Fanx 4 any info