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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I've decided to incorporate BP as a spot treatment while using AHA and keep at it. If it doesnt get better in 2 months i'm going to stop.
  2. hi everyone, i've been using AHA (10%) for 3 weeks now. during this time frame, my skin's developed a multitude of tiny bumps and has gone quite red in some areas... in addition to that, my skin's shedding like crazy. i'm just wondering how long it normally takes before the 'purging period' ends and how long it takes for the skin to be smooth and nice? i'm becoming quite disheartened at the state of my skin... for those who have used AHA - in the long run, was it worth the initial purgatory and
  3. i really hated differin. using it made my skin worse :\
  4. it's only been 5 days, but it's working quite well. hehe.
  5. Could you tell me if your dad and mom had acne when they were your age? Dad, yes (severe acne). Mum, no (she's always had flawless skin). Also, how old are you right now, how severe is your acne, and how long have you had it? i'm 20, had it ever since i was 13-14. mild. What about any of your cousins, do they have acne? yep, dad's side. mum's - not that i am aware of.
  6. i never used to drink milk before, but did feel my skin was improving ever since i started to drink green tea on a daily basis. i have started to drink milk recently, but i'm reconsidering it now... but it should be ok if you only drink milk in moderation, right?
  7. LOL! hahahaha, you guys are funny! DA CAKEEE, WHERE IS DAAA CAKEE AH HEHHEHE aw, now i actually want cake.
  8. i spoke to my local chemist the other day and she suggested taking vitamin e orally (to prevent brown marks and scars) and applying vitamin e oil (on the brown mark/scar if it's already present) i'm not sure if this may help or not, but i'm giving it a go to see what happens...
  9. hey everyone, i've read through the posts and i'm started to feel rather paranoid... the regimen sounds extremely effective but over time, does our skin grow accustomed and develop a dependency on it?? and does everyone 'grow out' of acne in due time (aaaahhhhhhh, i really really hope so)?