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  1. Ah I used to do this a looong time ago... I believe about 5-7 minutes or so. You want to dilute the ACV a bit, straight ACV might be a little bit strong on your face if left for too long.
  2. .... Okay, let me make something clear. I am not "citing" anything. I offered those two links, because I'd prefer people do their own research and think for themselves, rather than wait for everything to be presented in a conveniently pre-packaged form. If someone were to do a five-second google search on "Distillation" or maybe even "Water distillation" a person could educate themselves on the entire process through multiple sources, (as I did) and they would find all the answers they needed t
  3. http://en.wikipedia....Distilled_water http://en.wikipedia....ki/Distillation Plz don't use Wikipedia as your cited source... Scary information here, though... I knew about Flouride, but Lithium? Jeez, time to get that Brita filter...
  4. Agreed with some of the above posts; your diet may be the main factor here. I was in the same boat as you, essentially. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun for my acne: Clearasil, Proactiv, Neutragena, everything, nothing seemed to actually clear up my acne. I ended up finding a holistic method online that instructed me to eat very healthily, basically raw foods and nothing processed. I also went through a detoxification process for my liver, which immediately seemed to clear a huge portion of m
  5. Since it was brought up again... USANA's Gentle Daily Cleanser. Paraben-free and all-natural to the point that you can eat it
  6. I too had acne on my scalp for years, but since I switched over to USANA's Sense line, it has completely disappeared. The Revitalizing Shampoo & Nourishing Conditioner are both all natural to the point where you can eat them! They contain all-natural ingredients, including green tea extract, grape seed extract, and vitamin E, so it's very gentle on your scalp and excellent for your hair. They also don't contain parabens, which are artificial preservatives that most products on store shelves
  7. I personally used the "Yes To" line for a while, and I definitely loved it (Yes To Carrots shampoo/conditioner/facialmoisturizer/exfoliator and Yes to Cucumbers Eye Creme)! The scents were mild, yet pleasant, and best of all, the entire line is paraben-free, which is definitely something everyone should look out for! Parabens are very bad for our bodies (studies have linked parabens to various types of cancer and eczyma), which is why I switched over to the USANA Sense line in full (just to be c
  8. Using AG with BP is counter productive. While AG helps fade redmarks and hyper pigmentation, BP makes all of that stand out like you're using a red sharpie. I suggest stopping BP all together, since it's not doing you any good.
  9. GET OFF DANS REGIMEN! No offense to Dan, but his regimen is the worst thing since anime. BP is the worst thing you can ever use on your face, and it also makes your red marks stand out like red Sharpie marks. I HIGHLY suggest dropping that regimen and start using Aqua Glycolic with an SPF moisturizer. I can guarantee you, those red marks will fade.
  10. For everyone who breaks out with AG: Just STAY WITH IT. For the first couple weeks, I had no strange breakouts (other than the normal acne I had on my neck and cheeks), and my face was looking great... but then my neck started to break out more than usual. I was too happy with my previous results, so I stayed with it. I'm glad to say that my neck now doesn't break out at all, and its looking great; the red marks are fading and everything. The only thing I gotta deal with now is my forehead brea
  11. I suggest the exact regimen I'm on. It has controlled my acne AND has dramatically faded my redmarks!
  12. Dan's regimen consists of loading your face with BP, I don't think I trust him too much when it comes to acne advice :confused: . But I do applaud him for making these forums! :clap:
  13. You're greasy because of the BP you used to use. The extra oil should subside after a while, just stick with it.
  14. Go to www.purpleemu.com and order the PEL Basics Sun Protection Creme. This stuff is AMAZING. Since I started using it, I havent broken out once... maybe 1 white head... its amazing :D.