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  1. this may sound crazy, but airplane bathrooms are terrible. i guess its the lighting
  2. irish pale skin but i can hold my own in a drinking game
  3. anyone noticed a lot of women are sexist too? everyone's like "wow that policy is so chauvanistic" and shit but sometimes I hear some of the extreme feminists saying "if this world had been run by women it would be a utopia" and blah blah blah who cares, we're all equal now or at least should be, i just wish we could all learn to shut the fuck up and worry about more important things. like getting laid.
  4. I've been using the Cetaphil moisturizer to no avail. Any other recommendations? I have the forehead lines too since i started with BP
  5. Well, I'm using Cetaphil moisturizer with the regimen. The first week or so, no dryness. Now, im starting to flake up a bit. I'm not putting on too much moisturizer....if I up the dosage of Cetaphil a bit, do you think that the dryness will be less prevalent?
  6. Nope, was refering to the Cetaphil Moisturizer.
  7. Eh....so it says to put it on when your skin is still damp in order to trap moisture. Well, on the regimen, this isnt possible, since we have to wait until our faces dry to put on BP and then put on the moisturizer. I've noticed that the moisturizer hasn't really had a positive effect besides making my skin a little oily. What do you guys suggest?
  8. 10%? That would explain the harsh overdryness. The stuff people on the regimen are advised to use is only 2.5% BP. 10% and even 5% really drys out your skin...I've been there too man. I'd switch to 2.5% stat.
  9. What's the bad part about the cleansing washes for men? Does shaving screw it up or something?
  10. Are you thinking that you have diabetes? If you're thirsty a lot, pissing like crazy, etc, go to a doctor pronto
  11. I think shaving regularly is great for acne anyway.
  12. Good call. If you're a fighter, when you finally defeat acne (which does happen) it will be the best feeling ever. I know that when I'm clear (about 70% now) I will celebrate [to quote brandon boyd] "with jacuzzis and midgets"
  13. It isnt above the skin. I read somewhere on the boards that the shiny stuff is just collagen...the shiny stuff is usually presesnt only when I just wash my face....so its not oil....