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  1. I don't take vitamins, they make my skin worse for some reason
  2. JackWrobel

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  3. After opening up to my wife and telling her that my emotional problems stem from my skin she tells me "to get a grip." This is the real reason I am so up and down all the time; yet she tells me to "get a grip." What do I do? IF she won't allow me to feel waht I feel for very real reasons.
  4. Stuff like this leads to stalking. Focus on their negitives and your postitives.
  5. You saw you had bad acne and ontop of that you were a chubby kid. God 8th grade sucked. I still remember it.
  6. Hey in the pic in your avatar you look just like Johnnie Deep!!!, im glad you had taken care your skin problem so easy!!
  7. But will it hurt them later in life even if they use sunscreen?