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  1. well, that's interesting. i think it might be the right choice for me since i only have those small scars that look like large pores.. im just so afraid it will make them worse as some people say
  2. whaaaat?what do you mean it can reveal the scar tissue? i mean my scars are not very noticeable but when you get closer you can see them. they look like large pores or something.. i really dont want to mess things up.. why is that? why is that?
  3. so i just finished 6 months of being on this med. I still have 3 months to go. But i just wanted to share my progress x) the first two pictures is when i got the IB( the 3rd month ) and it was literally the worst thing ever. the second two pictures are my skin at the moment ( month 6 ) there is a huge difference and i'm happy about that. but i m still worried about my hyperpigmentation and my scars ( they're not noticeable because they're small, but they're there you know..) do you think my hyp
  4. i did a lot of research and found out that microneedling is much more better and safer that lasers and chemical peels. I also read positive reviews on it. So, is there anyone here who have done this treatment? was it effective?
  5. im doing 9 months of accutane and now im on month 6, my skin has improved alot but i have alot of hyperpigmentation left, like alot. i hate it so much and i just want to get rid of it, but i don't want to wait till i finish accutane. is there anything i can use to get rid of it while on accutane? pleasee tell me. also, some of my hyperpigmentation went away on its own, but some of it is still there even tho i've had it for over a year!!!! hyperpigmentation is not permanent, right?
  6. i have some small scars but those are not my main problem, what i hate is those little bumps left from acne.. they make my skin texture so bad if i only had those small scars it wouldn't bother me at all.. but those small bumps make me feel so bad.. is there anything that will help with skin texture? those bumps are not closed comedones btw, they are small bumps left from the cystic acne that i used to have
  7. my skin never cleared up 100% actually. it's just that it got so much better for a whole week and then i started to get some pimples. it's not bad but i just don't want it to get worse. i don't even know why this keeps happening to us.. i hope we'll clear up soon :c
  8. omg i think it's just ups and downs..you'll get better in the endd (x btw, did this happen to you the first time you were on it?
  9. what? what happened? is it because you increased the dosage? please don't scare mee
  10. you said you left your last box in a hot car.. is it the same time you started breaking out again? how many pills were in it? do you still take the pills from the same box now?
  11. i'm on 40mg a day. the first month i was on 10mg, the second i was on 20mg, the 3rd n the 4rth i was on 40mg and im still on it now. i really hope i will get clear for good because i dont understand what accutane is doing to me.. about 2weeks ago i had 2 pimples and i was so excited to finally clear up.. but now i have about 5 pimples on my face..i dont know why is this happening
  12. i just finished 4 months of taking accutane and i still have another 4 months to go. my skin isn't clear yet but there is a huge improvement! my question is: will my skin get worse again or it will just get better and better? im asking this because i still get pimples here and there n im scared it will get bad again. i had a really bad IB btw this is my progress so far.
  13. how did accutane fuck up your skin? it actually looks so clear and you would have gotten those scars in the future anyway. it's just that accutane got rid of your acne in a short period of time and if you didn't go on accutane you would still be suffering with acne and scars..how bad would it be? another thing, a vegan diet or a healthy diet won't even touch your acne if its hormonal or genetic.. i tried all of those healthy diets for a loooooong time and i still had bad acne..i eneded up being