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  1. Hey Texan, thank you so much. Fraxel 1 or 2? Did your doctor tell you there are close to no risks involved?
  2. Zonk I noticed you waited 8 weeks between your 1st fraxel and 2nd, I have to wait 7 weeks before my 4th b/c of timing issues. Did you doctor indicate whether it was good or bad to wait that long. I was told in the beginning to have them 4-6 weeks apart and I 've had my last 3 5 weeks apart. Has anyone had them longer then 6 weeks and was told that there results will only improve. Thanks.
  3. To be honest, I would not even bother with fraxel 1. I did fraxel 1 (SR750) and I am also Asian with light skin - I was doing anywhere from 12mj to 20mj but it didn't do much for scars at all, if any. It mostly improved my skin tone and brown spots. For scars, I started seeing some improvements when I started with the second generation fraxel, fraxel 2. i also have a scar on my forehead and feel like its getting smoothed out, my derm did level 6 55mj on my cheeks only and 40mj level
  4. my derm just told me this time we are going to do 55mj, i didn't have to ask her what setting to do, she also told me that they decrease the level to do the higher setting. even with the higher setting my face looks fine for 5 days post fraxel, i'm just a little pinkish in the cheeks. i let my face heal naturally instead of rubbing the dead skin off, so i don't have the burned look this time around.
  5. lovehj, i will tell you what i paid and what it included. there is some pain associated with fraxel, but without pain there is no gain right? four treatments cost $3800 , fraxel1500, the skin pigmentation cream cost $89 (obagi-clear), and my derm gave me the obagi foaming face wash b/c i'm not getting my eye are done. i also bought the mousterizer and sun screen that they sell in the office. i haven't had to restock on the stuff yet. the nurse applies a numbing gel for 1 and 15 minutes s
  6. from my understanding, you need time the swelling to go down and the damaged skin to come to the surface. also i assume that way you are seeing what the improvement is and can gauge what level the next treatment should be at... i have always heard at least 1 month in between, or 4-6 weeks, but i've never heard that 2 weeks is okay... My doctor recommends treatments 2 - 6 weeks apart. I've had my 3 treatments so far 2 and 2.5 weeks apart. every derm is diff i guess, my said at least
  7. But everyone is telling me to get Fraxel for my scarring? Mabye you need more than one? ahhhhhhhhhhh
  8. after the 1st treatment, my skin felt amazing, my blemishes were fading slowly my acne scars were filling in slowly. i had it on a tuesday and by sat I was out at a reception and only i person asked me why my skin was a little dark. my nose had some pin point bleeding so it looked very sunburned. i have my treatments every 4 weeks, by the 3rd week my skin looked great. makeup was very easy to apply and looked smooth my 2nd treatment took alot longer to recover from, i made the mistake of r
  9. I use eucerin cream. It's not as greasy as aquafor (which my nurse rec. and I did try), and doesn't cause little breakouts/milia like the aquafor did. It is heavier than lotions so stays on awhile. Thanks I will give that a try.
  10. Fraxel has definetly stopped my acne, if there are any red marks or bumps its from my Bare Escentuals powder I was using and I stopped that last week after I found out it has something that makes people itch. It also got rid of some blackheads on my nose. Have any of you used Johnson's baby lotion after fraxel for the dryness and peeling, I bought this moisturizer from the derm and its too expensive the way i've been using it. 1st Fraxel SR1500 - 3/20/2007 40 MJ, Level 6 whole face 2nd Frax
  11. thx.. ya my last 2 treatments are going to be with the new tip, so hopefully gonna go over 40mj and also ditch the blue dye thank god i hate it. this is the Fraxel 1500? are you saying 40mJ can not be exceeded when using the blue dye tip? i thought the blue dye and roller tips were just different tracking technologies. ok, admittedly i am only about 50% sure about this, but i think there is a software upgrade and a new tip. my derm had the software upgrade but not the tip when i g
  12. im not sure why my derm cant go more then 40mj it seems like its locked i see you have done 55mj? is this with the old tip? Yes it the old tip, but she said new settings. they get the new tip in 2 weeks.
  13. Wildbb99 just wanted to know how long are you swollen when you have your treatments. I just had my 3rd and i am swollenn for at least 3-4 days, and your levels are higher then mine. my derm has the new settings but not the new tip yet. she said she has to do lower levels if she increases the MJ's. also wildbb99 did you pay for 6 treatments upfront, my derm said we would do 4 and if i needed one more she would do it. so far i see great improvement on my nose with blackheads, and discolorati