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  1. A great post-exfoliation product

    I apply a thin layer of rosehip oil on my skin every night and then apply a very light moisturiser (Simple Light Moisturiser). It doesn't appear to block my pores up and is a great product to use after exfoliating (I use a PMD device to exfoliate). It leaves my skin smooth and doesn't smell of anything!
  2. I really think it is a LOT more common than we all think but people obviously have varying degrees of picking behaviour and we have some of the more severe examples! In fact in making the conscious decision to finally tackle my picking behaviour I have noticed I have a close friend who is always picking! I think she has probably triggered me in the past too- it's quite scary. If I think back I remember my Mum insisting she squeezed a few tiny spots that I had on my forehead and she proceeded t
  3. Can be effective but DO NOT use a whitening brand!

    I have tried this technique on and off over the years. The cheaper the better I say- cheaper toothpastes don't have all the whitening ingredients and chemicals that some big brands contain. I do find the technique uncomfortable though. It dries awkwardly and makes me very aware of how many spots I have! I would recommend using tiny quantities, right before bed for results overnight. These results are temporary however and I would say there are better alternatives out there.
  4. Natural and Anti-Bacterial- I love it!

    I love tea tree oil and pretty much any product with tea tree in it! It always leaves me feeling clean with the knowledge that I haven't applied multiple chemicals to my face! I dot on spots or add a drop to my moisturiser for it's acne fighting effects.
  5. meg242424



    I love this idea. Perfect for cleaning my back effectively. However, I am keen to ensure the body buddy is completely free of product and is clean after every use. It could definitely harbour some serious acne inducing bacteria if not regularly washed!
  6. Cleared up angry spots but left my skin dehydrated with blocked pores.

    I used this range for around 2 years. After around 18 months I swapped out the moisturiser for a cheaper Simple moisturiser as it had a horrible consistency on my face and left me feeling greasy. I found the foaming cleanser and toner to be useful in preventing my red, angry spots but there are far too many chemicals in these products for my skin. My skin became dry and my pores clogged further. I was told by Clinique staff that I had to use the full range to see the full effects (surprise, surp
  7. Silicone free, Oil free and Alcohol free!

    I love this primer! So many others have caused blackheads, break outs and excess oil! This primer mattifying effect and dries quickly on the skin. It is simply water with electrolytes- perfect for my sensitive, acne prone skin. Somewhat expensive for what it is but my favourite skin find so far.
  8. Not the foundation for me but don't rule out Clinique entirely!

    This foundation gave me light-medium coverage, dried up my skin and left me with more blackheads and rough patches. However, I did find my skin was less oily at the end of the day than my skin is with other foundations. Clinique do a wide range of oil free foundations and even though not aimed at acne prone skin I am finding their stay matte oil-free make up to be best for my skin right now.
  9. Hi, I'm 21 and also a skin picker. It's actually called Dermatillomania and you are right it is a behaviour that we use to deal with stress- [Edited link out] Behavioural therapy is apparently quite effective. I find wearing make up means I don't tend to pick as I cannot see imperfections and I don't want to rub the make up into my skin so my brain turns to turn off almost. I know it's not really good for my skin but it stops the picking behaviour. As for your arms I used to pick all t
  10. Hi I am 21 and also a compulsive skin picker. It's actually an obsessive compulsive disorder called Dermatillomania. When I first realised I had this I freaked out but then I quickly realised it explains why I can pick or "search" my skin when I'm not aware of it and why I excessively pick during stressful times in my life. For example, if I have an exam or am struggling with anxiety I can spend hours in one day picking my skin. I also scan and pick my arms (which has caused scaring) and I ev
  11. I'm sorry to hear you feel so down about your skin and I can 100% relate. I'm 21 and my skin has gone from bad to worse since I was around 10 I would say. My anxiety over my skin meant I stopped seeking help when I was about 14 because I couldn't bear to go to a specialist without my make up on. How crazy is that. Anyway like you I have just a million blocked pores. My forehead, my nose, my cheeks and even around my ears and my lips. I wish I could go back to my 12 year old self and tell her