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  1. You believe that a god that didn't do anything to stop 6 million Jews from being massacred cares about you? Please get real. Free will. The Bible clearly states people are given free will.
  2. Yes yes people, we all just popped up out of nowhere. There is no creator. There is no higher being. Do you realize how stupid that sounds? God is real. Please get real.
  3. I've had severe acne and now have severe scarring, so I don't care. If you want to date me, here's a link to my profile on a dating site! http://www.plentyoffish.com/member4776998.htm
  4. http://www.plentyoffish.com/member4776998.htm Well guys, I decided to try the online dating scene. At first, I hid who I was for fear of rejection. Now, i'm just being completely honest and seeing where it lands me. I didn't take closeup pictures of my scarring, but I did tell everyone about them. The scarring is severe, but doesn't really show up in the picture I took.
  5. That applies to women, IMO. Women will be found. Men with no confidence will be alone.
  6. Screw the dark places. We're all in this together to different extents, of course. Bright lights and not caring what others think about you is the way we should go.
  7. I'm 25 and single because of acne, yes. Sure, confidence is the key and that MAY be the reason why i'm single. However, acne shattered my confidence with women. Acne is to blame at the end of the day. It's the modern age leprosy when severe enough. I have minor acne now. Well, minor for ME. However, the scars are tremendous. Oh, and it'll be mostly men who are single because of acne/low confidence. Women will be approached, regardless.