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  1. pore strips are ok, but if i use them with other stuff, my skin dries up and flakes get stuck to and peeled of my the pore strip......
  2. Cyclax Green tea moisturizer works for me, its light (non-oil based), absorbs instantly with no greasy patches. Its cheap and lasts a long long time.
  3. i use skinvac pore gripper, it gets rid of whiteheads really fast, especially the ones that are sticking out of the pore. Personally, i don't really squeeze out my pores anymore which is good because i use to leave red marks all over my nose. :)
  4. I used cyclax which is a water based moisturizer, I moisturize immediately after cleansing and only with enough to totally absorb straight away and i only moisturize on clean skin. This way of doing it has helped me reduce shine and breakouts without going dry. :)
  5. I am not sure about vitamin C, but i do know that skin can absorb vitamins because i had a skin infection on my foot some time ago, the type that makes the skin bubble up and flake off in chunks, my doctor gave me some high strength vitamin E cream and it cleared up in 2 weeks. I think abosorption depends more on the concentration of the vitamin C but i am not an expert
  6. i think a good way to go is to get a recommendation from someone you know and trust, who has had good results from their derm. Looking in the phonebook or net can turn out risky because you don't know you are seeing. :D
  7. What about trying a water based moisturizer? these are a lot lighter and absorb faster and should not be as pore clogging as the oil based ones. How you moisturize may also help, I find that if I moisturize straight away after cleansing (only moisturize over clean skin) and use only just enough to absorb totally, I don't get the shine, but my face is not dry and it helps with breakouts too.
  8. I guess it depends on the dermatologist you end up going to. Mine was recommended by a friend who had lot worse acne that me and we were both advised to switch to water only and its really worked for both of us. but i also know of another derm who was treating my 15 year cousin, with antibiotics and a load of really expensive medicated washes which did not really help the poor guy. Good thing that it was a few years a ago and he's grown out of it on his own. maybe the best way to go is to c
  9. I cleanse in morning and at night. Once a day is not enough, twice is better. I use warm water which is much better for cleansing and pore unclogging.
  10. what about soluble asprin, the type thats fizzy when it hits water, if you use only a little bit of water, it may be more concentrated but without coating or clumpy powder.
  11. Staying in bed just makes you feel worse, if you dont want to go out alone, bring your dog with you. You dont have to go to a snooty shop where people stare, you can just go to the park with your dog, fresh air will make you feel better too. You gotta walk your dog anyway. I love dogs and animals! Definately could not live with someone who didn't like animals.