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  1. I'm going to try to fit in 3 treatments of each in the next 4 months, any advice on how to best do this? I scheduled a little calender out, and each treatment is about 5 weeks apart from the next (i.e. TCA CROSS is 5 weeks away from the next CROSS), but may be only 2-3 weeks away from the other type of treatment. I'm planning to avoid or only lightly use the Jessners peel on the CROSSED areas. Any comments/ideas on this plan? I'm also planning on finishing this up with some light work with vb
  2. After a year and a half of having severe ingrown hairs I've had it. I've tried different razors, included "bump-fighting" single-blade disposables, soaked my face in warm water, shaved the with grain etc etc. and all the other advice you see all over the Inernet. Although some treatments helped a little, my ingrown hairs still occur with every single shave. I have had enough! So, I'm looking to buy a good beard trimmer that will let me trim my hair down just close enough so that it never touche
  3. Very interested in updates. I too have a hypertrophic scar surrounding an atrophic scar and have tried a number of topical formulas with no notable success.
  4. Is spot-treatment dermabrasion a viable method of scar removal? I've only heard of full face or cheeks etc. being done.
  5. I have pretty mild acne scarring on my cheeks, but on my nose I've got a nasty hypertrophic scar that hasn't been touched by countless topical scar treatments. Since I'm going to Thailand and have heard good things about the cheap cosmetic (and sex change ) surgery there, I'm wondering what the best procedure to remove hypertrophic scars is. Also, if anyone else has comments about thailand dermatology I'd be glad to hear them.
  6. DO NOT use anything higher than 50% TCA on all of your face. This stuff is meant as a spot treatment and its not to be fucked with unless you know your shit. Look at the big TCA thread in this forum for more info.
  7. holy shit dude, I am on Botchla's and have the same problem! My nose is covered in zits right now it fucking sucks.
  8. In case you aren't aware of this yet, BP gel acts as a bleach. I ruined several shirts (around the collar) and turned the tips of my hairs around my face blonde before I figured it out. Just a warning to keep it away from hair and clothes when you apply it. I also noticed it bleached the buttons on my phone where I hold it to my head.
  9. I don't think he actually had those treatments, but was speaking hypothetically.
  10. Thanks Dan, checking it out.
  11. Update: it has now been about 10 days since my first CROSS, and my last scab just fell off. Redness is barely noticeable, which is nice, but several of the pits are larger. I am not worried since this seems to be a common occurence. On one spot where I got a bit of TCA on good skin it healed up well and has no red mark, despite scabbing, which is pretty amazing. I am treating the areas which are mildly red with small dabs of retin-a. Overall, it has been a good experience so far. I only di