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  1. Ya, I just recieved my 32oz bottle today. It does feel kind of different. Smells kinda weird too. But it works the same to me, so no complaints. But I really don't like the oil smell it has to it. It kinda rubs onto my shirts to if I use it on my back.
  2. Yay, I finally recieved the Benzoil! But yea, I purchased it within the last 2 weeks. I wanted a smaller quantity tho. As I didn't want to shell out $40 for a 32oz bottle of stuff I don't know even works. And the shipping was an extra $20! Grrr, total of $60 spent. O well, hope it works. Also, how much did you shell out for 5 gallons? He was charging $40 for the 32oz bottle? He told me he was selling them for $200.... :rolleyes: , and that I should resell it for that price... :rolleyes
  3. he still sells it in 32oz quantities? Yea, that was the smallest amount he would sell to me for $40. With shipping it came to about $60. The other sizes were 64oz and 128oz I believe. Also, on the label it says to use a cotton ball to spread it over face. Is it the same if I use fingers instead, like regular bp?
  4. Where in Canada are you located in?
  5. I ordered a 32oz bottle last week, but it seems really grainy unlike all the other BP i've tried. Does anyone else have problems rubbing it in also? And won't it irritate my skin?
  6. I just recieved my new order a few days ago. Bob seems really friendly too. But I'm having a hard time rubbing all the granules in. Guess I'll have to wait it out and see if it works.