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  1. As someone who's had smoothbeam treatment, I had moderate to severe acne, I'd strongly discourage you from wasting your money. I'd suggest using differin.. I noticed improvement within a few days.. if the tea tree soap is working for you, I would suggest you do that instead. Smoothbeam *might* workj for you.. but for me it merely spread the acne to other parts of my body and basically imho made it worse. If you are able to get in under control with topical methods I strongly encourage you to
  2. larkenfoam -- I meant since I was 17.. not 17 years, woups! waiting2livemylife... - It cost at the time $500 for each treatment, 4 treatments, $2000 inho it was WAY too expensive now that I look back, and a ripoff. Plus I had to pay $50 each for the small Gold Creme to numb the skin for the laser treatment. PS. It is NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE. It's considered cosmetic...Id like to wish acne upon those who decided this as they clearly need to see its a lot more than a cosmetic issue. The prob
  3. Hey everyone, It's been a long time since I visited this site but thanks to Rye's private message I logged back in and I just wanted to also reply to my post with an update on my experences with SmoothBeam... below is the msg I sent Rye... Thanks for all the replies, I apologize for not responding sooner! --- Rye, I'd have to discourage you from doing smoothbeam. After the 1st series of treatment, the acne actually spread to other parts of my body cause the acne to spread and imho make my
  4. What if it was a Mrs Acne? I would want Her/him to experience exactly what it was like to walk in my shoes! I would want her/him to know how wrong it was for what they are doing. I would do all that I could to stop Mr/Ms Acne from inflicting anyone with it.
  5. Wow! I have had that happen to me too! And you know, it's all about not giving them the power to upset you. It's all about having self confidence in yourself and exhibiting that confidence everwhere you go. So when that happens you can just look at them like the insensitive losers they truly are. Remember keep smiling and dancing! / P.S. Always check the mirror before gonig out! So you know what you got going on.
  6. randyr, you should ABSOLUTELY go through the entire course, at least the 4 thats recommended. You won't see any results until you go through the entire process. SmoothBeam *is* intended to treat active acne and the study's done that gave them FDA approval are extremely encouraging. You need to stay commited to the treatments. Best of luck!! And let us know what you do decide. We all want the same thing to be free from this crap.
  7. Well the good news is that I had my 2nd Laser Treatment, it was at level 13, about 1100 zaps for my entire back. I of course used the Gold Touch Cream about an hour before the treatment, but I missed a few spots and boy did it hurt! After my treatment, the PA who was doing the treatment told me next tie to numb the back of my neck (where my hair line is), and a spot on my chest where I am breaing out and she would zap them for me next time on top of the back. I think it was the first time
  8. Well the good news is that I had my 2nd Laser Treatment. After my treatment, the PA who was doing the treatment told me next tie to numb the back of my neck (where my hair line is), and a spot on my chest where I am breaing out and she would zap them for me next time on top of the back. I think it was the first time someone actually cared more about making me feel better about my condition instead of wacking me for more money for every little procedure, but the areas are very smll and woul
  9. you know I refuse to go to a dermatologist who treats you so poorly. And the next time I have a bad experience like that, I will tell the docor that I didn't appreciate the way he treated me and will NOT be returning. You know Doctors are suppose to be caregivers, it's not MY FAULT the HMO's are making their lives difficult. I thuink some Docotors are way over paid for such treatment. I mean I really want him to explain whats happening to my body. Half the time he tells me that they
  10. johnfinkle - Yes I have, on the smooth beam web site they even show you pictures of before an after of the back and sholders. They results are great! That's why I decided to actually go through the treatment. As for the Vitimin C and Zinc, I am taking them orally. So far I have noticed a reduction of redness but it's still persistent. I am extremely hopeful. My entire back is being done, including sholder facing the back. Its about $500 a treatment. If it wasnt for the scientic study
  11. Proxy - I had surgery a few years ago, one was on my sholder and one was on my back. They used a local (needle injections) to numb the area, and then he basically cuts your skin and removes it. It didnt hurt at all, but the scars are stil there, you need to stay out of the sun (no tanning) for at least a year I was told. It pretty much has the same color as the skin next to it. I was told I could have it restitched to make it a thinner line. But you'll have them. It's not a big deal for m
  12. Well there is no set amout of time. I have no idea when they decide to go away. I had two sebacious cysts that are abit deeper than the one you describe, and I needed surgery to remove them, and it left quite a scare too. If its stll there by your next appt, tell the doctor you want it cortizoned. Theres no reason to wait around for it to go away on its own. If it was on his face I bet he would of done it. :-s
  13. Hey, I was on the smothmbeam.com website and they have a presentation on the study that was conducted to address active acne. Here you get to see a controled case study that shows how successful the study was and that it directly address this problem. http://www.smoothbeam.com/Smoothbeam2/sb_flash.asp Not sure who else has this problem but I was just simply amazed by the results. I hope I experience the same results.
  14. You know I can't believe how good the results were here, but they don't tell you how long he was treated for and how long it took to finally be cleared up. I don't know if its permanent but I will certainly keep going back even if it means to maintain it. It's so worth it.
  15. I don't think it's a good idea to mix Accutane and Smoothbeam treatments. I never intend to go back to Accutane and stiuck stickly with the SmoothBeam. I have been told that they usually recommend 4-treatments every 6 months. And they typically that two rounds of 4-treatments of smooth beam would do the tirck in 80-90% of the time. I realize that it's never going to be completely gone, that's clear from all the posts I have read on everyone experience but I feel if I can really reduce the