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  1. I use clearsil's BP 5% it's quite good I dunno, have you tried using them for at least a week on the same spot? it should take about 4 days for it to really take effect
  2. good good, yes just discuss about it, working out doesn't do much good for me though still it's all good try it all
  3. ya know how everyone has somehting that works for them to fight acne, and the exact same thing can have the opposite effect on others same with all the beliefs as to what can cause and what can prevent acne well here are some simple things that you should do when you have problems with acne, and these things, unlike any regimen, they can go for EVERYone, I learnt them from a very expensive doctor past summer.. - SLEEP, sleep at least 7 hours a night, and try to be asleep by 11:30pm if we sleep
  4. last I heard it wasn't recommended that you do anything that can get your blood circulating more coz it'll only make the infection spots bigger and more obvious, since more blood is going to fight the infection now but steaming on the other hand I don't know, surely everybody has something that works for them
  5. I am pretty certain you just have a minor case of acne from what I have read but many of us with more severe acne, it caused by our hormones and just washing the face clean is not good enough in fact, really dry soaps will cause oil glands to generate more oil more quickly, and risking more plugged pores, especially for us with hormone imbalance I tried a really drying soap in the past, and applied high-quality cream that moisturize the skin, but still it made it even worse now I use aloe soaps
  6. I read that the S. Acid helps you unplug pores and shrink them as well, but doesn't do anything for P. acnes bacteria while BP. kills the P. Bacteria but doesn't do what S. Acid does so is it okay if I apply s acid and let it absorb, and then apply some BP afterwards? just wondering if they'll counter each other thanks and: http://www.verilux.com/light-therapy-lamps...wave-acne-light I am thinking about this light, since it's gotten some attention and good reviews on this site but I am war
  7. after reading more posts, I feel that I am quite lucky (if all goes well) that I got Oratane/Accutane from my very first visit of my very first doc. regarding this problem, with no begging or whatever since if 10 being the worse, then my acne would be about 5-6, but yet I got the medicine easily, quite good I didn't even know he gave me it until I went home and looked at the package HOWEVER, I wasn't happy, I was in doubt and afraid, I know of some major side effects for it, and after searchi
  8. update: I thought about discontinuing Oratane (Accutane) because of the major side effects especially hair loss, I don't want a bald head in favor of better skin!! but I decided to try it more, maybe a month and see the results 5th day on it, lips are more dry than usual, bleed a bit when going number 2, pimples seem to come out more and faster seems like the effects are coming but I am off Dalacin T for good, it burns my skin like hell after 3 days of use, don't use it I am back to my gern
  9. cover it up with some concealler and no one would notice it unless they look for it purposely and don't complain because there are much worse cases, like me, and I still survive and can still social, don't be weak
  10. I am 21 and I got small cases of pimples and zits about a year ago, but after turning 21 last december, it turned into severe acne, made me feel so bad I started using Gernetic products like my doc recommended me: http://www.gernetic.com/03/en/visage.php I've not heard of this line in most acne sites and message boards really expensive and high-class stuff, at first it worsened my skin (understandable as it need to bring up my oil underneath the skin) but after almost 3 months of usage it's