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  1. hi kiwi! i brush my lips each time i brush my teeth! kinda gross, but it works! i dnot have any dead 'lip skin'..they are nice and smooth after i brush them in the am..then i apply vaseline right after..this seems to be working!! i know..cant you wait till we can look good without wearing make-up!! i HATE wearing make-up..i hate how it cakes your skin!! and..really and truly..it just covers redness..it still looks like a zit..just now with makeup on it, lol!!! i only just got my IB and i am on
  2. went to the derm today! i woke up at 810am..my kids are my alarm clock and this morning they didnt go off....grrrrrrrrrrr!!! so i rolled out of bed, got the kids and myself ready and zoomed to the derm apt..woo hoo. got there in time! YEAH!! i saw a diff derm as my regular one wasnt there, this one was sooooooo much nicer!!! he put some injections in my horrible IB pimples//cysts whatever they are!! so hopefully they will go down before they get HUGE!!! he has put me on a 1-2 thingy!! one day 40
  3. hay! good luck with accutane! im on day 27!
  4. hay elizabeth! so im about two weeks ahead of you! i was thinking the same thing! i wanna get my dose up'd too...i figure we can, if the side effects arent severe! im only have chapped lips too..and an itchy scalp..but thats completely gone now! i knwo how your feeling about the possiblity of it not working...sooo how im feeling right now! it sucks..im an impatient person, and i want it to work NOW damn it!!! i woudl love to have clear skin this summer too...oh well hopefully by the end of summe
  5. Oh my goodness, this is EXACTLY what I have been thinking since I started - nothing, nothing, nothing has ever worked for me, so why would this??? Ugh, we just have to remember that it works for almost everyone! And stay positive! Best of luck to you - keep updating!
  6. DAY 27 (am-26th pill) well i have a lovely white head by my eyebrow, before it was just a lovely painful bump..but now it has graced me with white puss! how lovely!! my right side of my face, is diong pretty well i guess! the redness of my overall face has returned ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! i am praying this is going to work! but am feeling like i am giong to be one of those ppl that accuate dosnt work for seeming as NOTHING ELSE has EVER worked for me!! i still have lots of lovely black heads
  7. im in canada now..but from west yorks:)
  8. hay lucy! good luck with your course..chears to clear skin!! where abouts in uk are you from?
  9. thankyou lucy and kiwi:) kiwi--good luck with your course =) well i have a derm apt tomorow and i am going to try and get my dose up'd 20mgs to a total of 60mgs..do you think this is too eager?? i am having very minimal side effects!! another thing i noticed, which is GREAT!! is..my hair isnt a grease pan now, lol!! before i would shower in the am and by around 8pm my hair would be sooooooo oily..yuck!! well now thats gone, its great!!! i am lovin it!! well no new outbreaks today! anyone know
  10. ok..well staring on: ++DAY 24++ 40 mg once daily so far, im not feeling to many side effects! i have dry lips, and am applying vaseline literally every 5 minutes! nothing i cant handle though! i have an itchy scalp, that seems to be getting better! i also have quite a few blackheadsl....well lots! i dont usually get them, except for near my lip..but now they have come up everywhere! im guessing this is my IB..??? well im hoping i get so lucky..we'll see!
  11. hello everyone! well i have finally started on accutane! woo hoo..ive been seeing the same dermatologist since i was 15 and he only decided to put me on it! finally! im 23 yrs old and have 2 wonderful little girls! my acne flared up during both pregnancies, and tends to flare up due to my menstrual cycle! well here is to clear skin..i am hoping this is going to work!
  12. yeah, vaseline does not clog pores, it says on the tub! but i have not heard of putting it on before applying makeup..i agree with the others, i dont see that feeling nice AT ALL!