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  1. Hi guys, I'm in agony here! I got a massive cyst on my face more than 3 months ago. My dermatologist said it was too hard to drain and gave me a cortisone injection. It went down for about month, then came back and even spread a little. After a lot of home remedies and heat packing (none or which worked) I ended up going to get it surgically drained. The dermatologist made a small incision, squeezed it a lot, dug around with a scalpel and put a bandage on it. While she was able to get a lot
  2. Neem is meant to be fantastic, but I've just taken a relatively high dose for a couple months and my skin certainly isn't better. Definitely go for lugol's iodine if you're looking for an iodine, and JCrow's is a good brand. The stuff you get from the pharmacy is not the same. I've never taken iodine internally because it can impact your thyroid function. Go carefully if you decide to take it and stop it if you get a racing heart, feel jittery, etc. Another way to get iodine naturally is in s
  3. Hey, I'm not a skin expert at all, so take this with a grain of salt, but last year my forehead suddenly broke out with all these little pimples and was very flakey. I used a cream called Prosacea on it, and it did go away after a couple months. I think it's a sulfur cream. I still have some of those bumps at my temples and my dermatologist (who never saw my forehead while it was breaking out) said it looks like rosacea. My sister has also been battling something similar and she was told it wa
  4. Hi guys, I'm hoping some of you might have advice on what I should do! I've had cystic acne and rosacea for a number of years, but it's mostly around my mouth, so not that severe. Two+ months ago I got a huge, swollen lump between my mouth and jaw, which was so much worse than any spot I'd had before. I went to my dermatologist who said it was just acne, but that it was too hard to try to surgically drain. He gave me a cortisone injection (first time I've had one!) and it went down by at le