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  1. I'm on my 3rd tube of Laura Mercier Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer, it's just that good. Light buildable coverage, doesn't irritate skin, has SPF. It's on the pricey side, but one tube lasts me more than 6 months and I use it every day. No brush needed, I use my fingers. You should be able to ask them for a free sample to use for a few days and see how it goes.
  2. I've been using Vivant's products. First Derm A Gel, and now Exfol A Forte. I love them and they work great, but the Exfol A Forte bottle is pretty tricky. It dispenses either too little or too much each time. And I almost always get spills because I can't seem to aim it at my fingers very well. Are there any tricks to this??? Or am I just a clumsy monkey?
  3. Just another .orger commenting on how darned cute your avatar is. :)

  4. omg is that your cat in the avatar?!!! CUUUTTTEE *0* What kind of cat is it? -must... get... one-

  5. hey another sydneysider! :) where u at?

  6. cuuuuute kitty!!!!

  7. Revlon Colorstay smudges on me, L'Oreal Lineur Intensive stays on.
  8. I love Laura Mercier's Silk Creme foundation. I know it's not what you were considering, giving you even more options might confuse you even more lol but I really really love it, it's got great coverage and still looks natural. Just get samples of everything and buy the one you like the most!
  9. Thank you! You're pretty cute yourself :)

  10. that cat. is so. cute.

  11. if you have acne prone skin then you should avoid MAC. The reason i am saying this is because their makeup contains mineral oil which can clog your pores. This will prevent our skin from being able to breath and cause further breakouts. MAC has a lot of colors and choices when it comes to their products but if you really want to get rid of your acne one of the steps is to check the ingredients label on the products you are using. Try CLINIQUE instead of MAC as they do not use mineral oil or any
  12. It's definitely worth a try. I found the right color with Lumiere on the first try. I could never find my match with EM or AN. The texture is good too, very finely milled. If I decide to go back to minerals, I'll definitely buy some full-sized Lumiere.
  13. I have about 50 red marks, some of them really red, so I know how difficult the battle against red marks can be. Thank God I don't have any more active acne. What you need is really good foundation and concealer. The first thing you need to do is to get samples of natural-looking foundations with heavier coverage. Don't worry about concealers first, and concentrate on getting the right foundation. Do your research and you will find quite a few products to try. It should be the right color and
  14. I pretty much do what Siouxsie does. I apply my liquid foundation all over with a very light hand, and then apply a layer or two more on my problem areas. Then I dot some concealer on red marks that are still showing, and then apply powder to set and mattify. This would allow me to avoid heavy, mask-like appearance while still getting the coverage I want. Then when I get a nice, evenly colored canvas, I put on some blush. This works really well!
  15. For me, EM is too chalky and powdery, while AN melts into the skin and looks creamy. Everyone will have a different experience though depending on their skin. So I guess you're just going to have to wait and see