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  1. see no one cares, no one gives a heck even here also as well in real life. nvm though
  2. People with acne scar almost all over the face & black spots on shoulder and back will be remain forever alone? :v (large number of people will never know the sorrows behind this emoticon, just saying)
  3. u told few days ago u got rid of those close comedones by using bp 5% gel. now what happen?! r they came back or they didn't go actually by using bp?
  4. glad to know that ur comedones are gone. and here my face is filled full of them. btw good luck and don't be impatient though, I'm regretting for used to be impatient.
  5. will try this one then. tnx for the post and keep us updated about ur progress .btw did u get any help with bha/aha?
  6. ya could be, I have same problem if I pick. so u got rid of those tiny white stuffs by bp 5%?
  7. did u ever picked those closed comedones? and what comes out if u ever picked ? just to make sure whether its closed comedones or not!
  8. go see a doctor if you haven't seen yet. that's the best thing to do I reckon . and remember try not to stop treatment in midway.
  9. haven't found any solution that works for this problem
  10. have you seen a doctor? antibiotics and topicals gel/cream should cure this.
  11. I had acne for maybe 6-7 years(idk exact years)! after consulting couple of dermatologists/doctors/skin specialists I cure from acne by taking lot of antibiotics & applying topicals. but after got rid of acne I have now (sebaceous filaments/clogged pores/ plugged sebum/ white gunk in the pores) idk what should I call it - for 3 years . I went to skin specialists/doctors/dermatologists but they couldn't get rid of that from me. its almost 1-2 years i'm searching for the solution of this prob