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  1. Paigelevi

    Epiduo journey.

    Congratulations you have found something that works for you, that's amazing! I'm so sorry you felt that way, no one understands how disgusting in ourselves it makes us feel people who don't suffer from it way over look what it can do to your head... i hope you never feel like that again man, acne is not all who you are and you look great!!! I will definitely watch your YouTube vid
  2. Paigelevi

    Epiduo journey.

    Man I've hid behind my foundation since i was 12! I feel so naked without it.. how amazing will it feel to be able to have to pile it on I can't wait to show my skin off! Also yes i just use my hands too
  3. Paigelevi

    Epiduo journey.

    Well i have used it tonight and no stinging or burning sensation! and no itchyness. Everything seems to be going full speed with me, it's only been just over a week.. my what was once big under the skin cystic spots are holding on for dear life! just die already! so impatient... Also I love my make up so this flaking is going to have to go soon too! Not a chance i can wear it with this lizard skin! I'm dying to exfoliate to try get rid of it but I'm holding strong for now... traumatised my
  4. Paigelevi

    Epiduo journey.

    Thank you so much! Wow I'm hoping my skin will get used to the product soon too, my doctor says it can take a good while for the redness and itching to stop.. If it doesn't he will try something thing more gentle, How long did it take for your skin to stop being irritated? I've been thinking about skipping a day with the epiduo too, I've seen such a improvement in just a week, I'm so confident this is going to actually for me!
  5. Paigelevi

    Epiduo journey.

    Hello, So i thought I'd share my Epiduo journey with anyone who's going through the same treatment or is thinking about giving it a try! A little bit about my skin, it. Is. just. Terrible... since i turned 12! Im now 23. My skin type is combination so it's greasy on my cheeks, nose and chin! (Acne area) Blackheads and open pores... and it's dry on my forhead and sometimes get flakey... but a few flakes i can deal with... the huge cystic spots on my cheeks and however are the apsolought