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  1. You guys are amazing! Thanks for all the suggestions I have a feeling I'll be keeping myself quite busy... It's such a shame we don't have an Ulta here. And the nearest Sephora's an hour away. Thank goodness for ebay/amazon. Thanks again!
  2. Zarina, I actually tried that and I felt like it didn't give me the coverage that I wanted. It looked kinda of unnatural and cakey? It concealed, but not enough. Maybe I need to use a corrective concealer such as PF's green stick under it? ETA: acceptance, I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
  3. Thanks bek! At 42 bucks, the price is a little steep for something that looks so tiny, but at this point I'm willing to try anything. So I can just spot conceal with this and be good to go right?
  4. Hey guys, I've been on a neverending quest to find the perfect concealer. I would love to know of drugstore brands that provide full coverage for the red/purple postinflammatory marks on my cheeks, but i'll take high end product suggestions too. i've tried nearly everything but i feel like they make my scars look unnaturally covered up... i don't wear foundation. the most i'll wear on my face is powder and even then, only on special occasions. so i like the idea of having a good, blendable conce
  5. I use both but I do not put them 2 together. I always use the PCA gel then the BP. If you apply PCA somewhere on your face, do not place BP over it. Just put BP on areas you break out and put PCA on the red marks. Thanks!
  6. I've had the PCA skin pigment gel (phaze 13?) for about a week now and have NOT opened it because I'm unsure of the results it will yield.. I use BP twice a day and I read a post saying that it would be unwise to mix the two. I don't feel like risking any more breakouts as they haven't completely stopped.. but at the same time, the red and dark marks are ruining my confidence completely. Are they safe to use together? What are the side effects if used together?
  7. I dunno.. I just got it today. I got the one with hydroquinone because apparently it yields results faster, but I'm on The Regimen so obviously I use BP quite a bit and I'm worried about mixing the two. Plus I never use sunscreen as I'm allergic to it. Any thoughts?
  8. Hey guys, I was reading through this and I noticed that someone said to avoid the one with HQ if you're on BP. I'm on The Regimen so there's a good amount of BP involved in my skincare but I want fast results from the PCA gel because I have a big event to attend in a couple of weeks. Should I just cut the BP out and use the PCA gel? I've been totally against HQ but if it'll give me the results I need now, I feel like going for it. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi everyone, I have an event to attend in about a month and the Regimen still hasn't cleared me up. As a matter of fact, i'm still breaking out... completely frustrating. Been on it for two months now I think. Maybe 3. I don't wear face make up at all. No foundation, concealer, nothing. I have very sensitive skin and CANNOT have anything with sunscreen in it. I need a good foundation, concealer, powder to cover up my face for this event. Anyone tried the Revlon Photoready stuff? Everyone keep
  10. I finally checked back on this post and I just wanna say thank you guys for answering! Some of the message boards I've been on have been..well..not so nice, but you seem like a nice bunch. I'm still crossing my fingers for better results because I just broke out again this week. No clue what the culprit could be. Good luck to you too ohdear! On a side note, has anyone heard of the lacura skincare line? I was at Aldi the other day and saw that the line was basically non comedogenic. Sounds go
  11. Hi everybody, I'm just a few days away from finishing my first month on The Regimen. I had a few quick questions. I'm currently breaking out. Badly. I have large inflamed papules (I think?) or possible nodules/cysts on my cheeks, one on my forehead and I don't usually break out there. All of a sudden, they just came out of nowhere. All in the past week and a half. Some of them have turned into pustules. Question one: can I pop these? I've been avoiding popping them, but whenever I sleep, I find