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  1. hi all, i want to see if anyone has had or knows of a treatment for hyperpigmentation resulting from fraxel treatment or other lasers (brown spots and skin discoloration; not talking about red marks). it's worse under my eyes and pretty much matches my sunglasses line, so it looks somewhat raccoon-like. thanks for any advice...!
  2. hyperpigmentation is when you get brown spots and discoloration, not redness. have you been using sunscreen? (SPF 40 and a physical and not chemical block is best). after these treatments you are VERY sensitive to the sun. you need to use sunblock to prevent not only redness, but skin cancer! VERY VERY important.
  3. i think you can still tell the improvement regardless of the lighting difference. the improvement is pretty amazing. anyone have it done?
  4. it didn't help me much at all. I saw very slight improvement but it was not worth the $4000 I spent on the 4 treatments, not only that, they hurt really bad. The Fraxel treatments also left me with these annoying bumps called milia that look like pimples but they don't squeeze out so you have to pay MORE money to go to a dermatologist to have them extracted. If I had to do it over again, I would have saved my money and just had a CO2 laser on my entire face, (but who has all that available do
  5. i'm not dry but not oily. it's like it's the perfect balance, actually. since it's not the dog days of summer yet though i can't really say if i'm producing less oil. i'll let you know in a couple of months! yes, fraxel re:store is fraxel 2. fraxel re:pair is the new C02 one. that's a great price, by the way. that's the deal i got, as well.
  6. i've been using a product called meladerm from civant pharmaceuticals on my hyperpigmentation from fraxel, and though it's taking a while (it's only been a month actually) it seems to be working well. you might check out their site. also though it's a lot more money, have you looked into lasers for it? i also am not sure that microdermabrasion would do a lot more for you than regular shaving. they also have microdermabrasion creams you can buy that do just as good a job as in-office procedures.
  7. One webinar said it can permanently damage them. Another said it can target them and inhibit oil production. A foxnews cast on fraxel.com said it can specifically be used to treat acne by damaging oil glands. They show a soccer girl who got it done just for her acne. Of course everyone knows there is an initial flare up of acne. Probably just from the initial irritation/dryness so your skin trying to moisturize itself. Which is why it goes away pretty quick. My skin is already super dry fro
  8. good luck! and thanks for posting photos. just wanted to say though that it looks like you are outside taking these pics...MAKE SURE TO WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!!!!! since your skin is olive-toned you want to be especially careful because you can get hyperpigmentation that shows up later. i am dealing with slight hyperpigmentation from fraxel.
  9. maybe they thought it was a mole?
  10. you might want to try the apple cider vinegar or japanese rice wine vinegar method...just applying it like a toner every day, and possibly mixing it with tea tree oil. i am pretty sure the thread for it is on the top level of this board.
  11. fraxel 1 and 2 are both a combination of ablative and non-ablative, so i am assuming the same for these lasers (the fraxel re:pair and the deepFX/activeFX/maxFX). ablative because it's wounding the skin in tiny tiny dots, and non-ablative because it's sending heat below the skin. that's how i understand it -- and even though the tiny dot wounds are ablative, because they are so small and leave untouched skin between them, they do not cause crusting/oozing in the way that a full-face C02 does.