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  1. Well i've been on Accutane 20 mg for 4 months and i finished about 2 1/2 months ago. I don't have any pimples, but i was left with red marks, but pimple wise, just a few here and there thats about it. But during the 2 1/2 months all i used was Retin A and water. Now i used my up retin A and i wanted more to help get rid of the red marks, but my dermatologist said no because it is going to mess up my skin. So i need advice, i can't use water to prevent pimples and fade away red marks. I'm th
  2. Hey, dudes whats going onnn? Well ever since I've gotten severe acne, I've kept having girlfriends...so far 3, in two years...which is pretty good for a guy with acne huh? We watched movies, went out for dinner, and even watched a movie in a car (and you all know how bad car lights can get for the appearance of your acne) And honestly, she doesn't care, she gives me kiss on the cheeks, we hold hands, it's good...and i she DOESN'T care about my acne. And I've noticed a few things, we have to
  3. i am a body builder as well, and let me tell you something, i don't use protein shakes. Protein shakes makes me break out like crazy... but creatine was fine with me...like SizeOn, Green Mag. BSN products are good but over priced, Green mag -80 servings for 40 bucks, and much better effect then BSN-Cellmass... If you want to get rid of Acne, Don't use protein shakes, very hard on the liver, basically instant protein direct to your liver. Use get mad natural foods, very good as a diet to. T
  4. retin-A is to treat acne? and i was wondering if i should use it while on accutane. And also do u have to go to the doctors and get one prescripted or can i just go to a store and just buy one and how much is it thanks all.
  5. hey thanks guys! really. but how can i get my hands on Purpose or Cetaphil... i'm planning on either getting Cetaphil or the Purpose soap bar...or..would u perfer the purpose regular foam thing... thanks in advance
  6. OMG i've been using benzoyl peroxide (acnefree step 1) cleanser for the whole month while on accutane! why cant we use benzoyl peroxide, its good for acne....--;
  7. I'll be finishing my first month on Thursday...and my only side effects is Dried Lips...and i was wondering, what can i use to wash my face with while on accutane, people told me not to use proactiv, acnefree...etc any good acne cleanser while on this product? Thanks in advance
  8. thanks jordan and kristifire Side effects must be killing you guys...only dried lips so far, i hope nothing else...but you know what honestly, i'm praying for me and all of you guys that posted on this topic, i really am. Noone knows what acne feels like and i'm also a body builder, i consume 200g's of protein and carbs with low fat. Do you think this will have any effects? I use to take protein shakes, but stopped beceause i break out whenever i use protein shakes, but i do use creatine, a
  9. hey thanks kristifire thanks all for the advice yea and i did ask if accutane did work for you...because i'm afriad that accutane won't work for me...my acne is severe, first stage of severe, i can go out and party and have fun. Hope accutane works...praying that it does btw i'm not allergic to anything, so thats a good thing i guess.
  10. wow kristifire thank you very much, you helped a lot. cant wait until my face clears up and of course Jordan19, i always see you on this forum, helping people out. props for that. and Shandon, you all helped... well another question What can i use for my face while on this medication... Proactiv...Acnefree...soap...?
  11. I got the Sotret, accutane. Is this accutane? Sotret? Never heard this before... Also, i pretty much have severe acne, and the doctor only told me to take 1 20MG pills a day...which makes no sense, i feel like i need more then just one. Just a few questions, what is Sotret? Thanks all in advance, hope Accutane will help get rid of my acne!