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  1. but what would be the difference between any over the counter sunscreen vs a medicated sunscreen made especially for surgical scars????????????????? rsvp.
  2. if i had surgery and used a scar gel/cream that did not come with spf 30 and i had to buy that apart, would it have to be prescription spf 30 vs a commercial one like coppertone????? someone told me that over the counter spf 30 wont work as well as prescription or something especially made for surgical scars that need a special kind of spf 30 to protect them from the sun. would a special kind of spf 30 or higher be needed to combine it with a scar gel/cream that doesnt come with spf 30????? w
  3. well between mederma spf 30 and contractubex since theyre both made by merz, which product do you believe or feel is better quality wise? or are they both equal in parity? can you please give me your opinion? rsvp. thank you.
  4. are you by any chance a doctor? thats the same exact thing that they told me at a pharmacy here in EL SALVADOR. you wanna know why im asking because here in EL SALVADOR for some reason mederma spf 30 is not sold for whatever the reason is. both contractubex and mederma spf 30 are made by merz. how were you able to determine this? i only ask because i had to assume that contractubex and spf 30 could be combined during the daytime, does this make sense? rsvp. thank you. p.s. do you think
  5. how is contractubex supposed to be used with spf 30? i bought it but it didnt come with any instructions on how to use it? how am i supposed to combine it with spf? can someone please tell me. rsvp. thank you.
  6. i had a tiny birthmark removed from my right cheek. i didnt use mederma spf 30 scar cream because here in el salvador its not available for some reason! i went out into the sun being naive enough to think it wouldnt do me much damage. now i have a tiny sunburn spot which is all red and wont go away! i was told by someone that maybe only the fraxel laser could make the tiny sunburn spot go away, would this be true or not? will it make the tiny sunburn spot disappear completely or only for th