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    Health and fitness issues. I love going to the gym and I love to run. I try to take good care of myself. I will be starting a degree in Sports soon - exciting stuff!<br />I love art and I paint and draw quite a lot.<br />Reading non-fiction, particularly self-help/improvement books. I enjoy learning new stuff and I am open to anything.<br />I like meeting people and talking a lot....of crap, i might add.

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  1. happy second birthdayy.

  2. Your personal statement is ace

  3. ha nice one, v.cool pics, you defiantly got some skills there. :)

  4. Okay, put some of my art on for ya!

  5. yup im doin good thanks, hope all's good your end too :) you should put some of your drawings/paintings up in ya gallery so we can rate em ;)

  6. Thank you for the birthday greeting! I appreciate it very much. Hope all is well with you.

  7. hey, happy 1st birthday :P

  8. Hi Cavillor I am also doing pretty much the same thing as you did - just eating fruit and veg and drinking water. To be honest, I have ate or drank just one thing each day that I shouldn't drink and eat (a bowl of cereal and coffee). Anyway, I've been doing this for about 5 days now and the results are pretty amazing. My skin is healing quicker than ever before and no new pimples have developed. The rate of healing is what is amazing me the most. Some pimples that popped up just before I s
  9. yeah, washed off the toothpaste and the big zit is still there and actually looks loads worse because the skin around it has gone really red! This is so soooooooooooooooooooo shit!!!!! I have a date tomorrow!
  10. Over the many shitty years i have suffered with bad skin, I have had times where I use BP and other chemicals on my face every day, twice a day, for months. Probably the longest time would be 4 months. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it makes things worse. Then I have tried going without using anything at all for some time and things have cleared, but it is hard to resist using chemicals when i get another outbreak.
  11. Oh, bum! So, it seems that toothpaste probably makes things worse. And guess what I have on my cheek at the moment?.......guess I'll go wash it off now......
  12. I like your hair!

    Can I touch it?


    Just had to say it! There is a mysterious charm in that B/W photo.

  13. wow is all i can say, just read your thread in Emo about your mum, sorry to hear she said that :( but on the plus side you're unbeleivably beautiful so :D <<< smile!!

  14. Good idea! If you aim for 30 minutes a day, it's not too much but it does a lot of good - even if you just do it 5 times a week. I find it is helpful to keep a log of what you do also to keep it up so well done for starting an exercise log. I hope it goes good for you.