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  1. I usually have very oily, acne prone skin which is very sensitive, BUT it gets dry and flaky if too harsh a product is used on it. I'm currently using Neutrogena Visibly Clear Exfoliating Wash which helped with the oil, which was great, but now is leaving the usually less oily places on my face very dry and flakey! I want to be able to control oil, cleanse well enough to help keep spots away, but not to have a bad drying reaction. Any reccomendations? How good are the Simple range of cleansers?
  2. I honestly have no idea! I started using them both at the same time
  3. I started to break out really badly on my chest and breasts several weeks ago. The Head and Shoulder method didn't work for me, neither did just keeping the area clean with mild soap and water. The spots were forming every day, some bigger than others. I tried Differin on them, Clearasil spot treatment and neither worked. Then in Superdrug I randomly bought these two items, and seriously, within three days I was clear and still am two weeks later. The skin is a lot healthier looking too, and smo
  4. I read that there may be an initial breakout when on Dianette. Since taking it, the first few weeks saw some improvements, for about two weeks there seemed to be a little less oil and spots around my chin started to leave. But now a few weeks later, my skin is oilier than it's ever been in my life and I've got spots on my cheeks, forehead and chest, which I've never had before. Is this a sign that Dianette isn't right for me?? Shouldn't I be seeing less oil as time goes by? I did accidently forg
  5. What IS TCA?? LOL sorry, it's probably something obvious but I've no idea
  6. I'm messing around trying to figure out how to best wash my face in the morning, but as for makeup... Boots No. 7 Mousse foundation (I'm really starting to not like it though atm; it used to be good at controlling oil but I dunno what's happened, it's suddenly just like every other crappy foundation I've ever used. Has good coverage though) Curl eyelashes Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara (BEST MASCARA EVER. A tad expensive but frig me I love it) I used to wear eyeshadow every day but don't re
  7. I was exactly the same with my boyfriend (we broke up a few months ago). I just outwardly told him like, a few days into our relationship that I didn't like my skin and not to touch it! And he never did! He just replied "I don't like my skin, either" (he had mild/moderate acne, but doesn't now for some bloody annoying reason, whereas mine has gotten worse since we broke up ) Maybe you could just tell your guy this, too? Don't make it a big emotional THING; just say "GAH, don't touch my skin, I
  8. So, I'm in the middle of exams right now, and my chest has suddenly gotten really bad with spots. It happened just as we got off for study leave. Thing is, I haven't been at ALL stressed about these exams! Totally care free and relaxed. It is possible (and this is just a crazy thought that occured to me) could the internal stress be causing these spots?! I've never had them in my life before. Because I'm not mentally stressed, is it appearing on my body instead?! Anyone ever had this happen, or
  9. You should buy Holland and Barrett's EPA Fish Oil Concentrate. It has 300mg of Omega 3 per capsule. If you hurry you can get them for a third of the price they are normally, working out at 2p per capsules (£4.74 for a bottle of 250 capsules). They're on offer until Sunday, so hurry!! Online or in the shop. Try http://www.hollandandbarrett.com to find your local shop if you prefer. Or try Boots own brand Omega 3 capsules. They're quite good too, and very easily accessible, from every Boots shop