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  1. That stuff has SA and SA sucks in my opinion, it's just not strong enough. But, I do use their persa gel 10 and that stuff works REALLY well.
  2. I almost stopped reading because I felt your pain and was about to cry. Were you a bully in high school? You know, God take up through this to learn a lesson. I did alot of things in high school for attention and when something is going wrong I question, but I realize why he's doing this. Your problem seem like it's wayyy past acne. Maybe it's your diet. You need to use a series of products, I'm talking Fade Creams, Ance Wash, and so on. I'd start with a mild soap first. You'll be in my prayer
  3. I see results, I'm just the type who hates to wait on anything. I want fast results, but I know that will NEVER happen because things take time. My previous spots are much lighter now.
  4. I hardly get acne on the front of my face, it's like always on the side of my cheeks and stuff. And I use all of these products on my nose, forehead, chin and I barely see a break out, I wonder why.
  5. Well, fade cream claims to get rid of scarring, but my scarring is no where near servere. My Palmer's skin success eventone fade cream contains Hydropuinone 2.0%.
  6. None of my products contain any SA, the deep clean astringent did and I got rid of it. I believe that was breaking me out. I have to use that moisturizure. If I don't I'll break out because the BP dry my face OUT! My problem isn't only acne, it's the acne post appearence marks, so I use that fade cream for that. Or my neutrogena Acne Mark Fading Peel--Which is every other day. The spot treatment is BP. Then, I apply the fade cream after that. That is bad isn't it? LOL But, when is a good t
  7. Honey, all you need is some clean & clear persa gel ten. It will clear that sucka up everytime he tries to come out and play.
  8. You know, having severe acne leaves ALOT of scarring and black spots, so do anybody know a good fade cream that works effectively in 8 weeks. I have a couple but they have only giving me mediocre results. I heard you have to use them over a period of time.
  9. Did you make this thread to be funny? If so, you failed miserably.
  10. I'll get straight to the point, when I wake up, I use a foaming cleanser, acne cleanser, deep clean astringent, oil free moisture, a fade cream, and a quick spot treatment at the same time. Am I using too many products, and could this be the reason I tend to break out a lot?
  11. Hey, hey, hey, I'm new. I don't know about this. When you go cleanandclear.com, you can pick a product and get a daily routine, and a lot of those routines contain a BP and SA mixture. But, in my personal experience, I would think so. I bought an acne cleanser by clean & clear and began to use it, and it worked well, but I wanted a routine, so I got online and created one. SILLY ME. Ever since that day, my skin has been bump after bump, and I figured it's because my deep clean astringent is