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  1. I've decided to try the regimen only at night, while doing vinegar during the day, now that I'm clear with just scars and red marks.
  2. I've tried Eucerin Renewal, Neutrogena Oil Free Spf 15, Cetaphil, and they all sting and make my face red and shiny all day long. I feel like cutting out this step, but my face will be flaky.
  3. what kind of BP and Moisturiser do you use? I used Neutrogena and Eucerin Renewal which always kept me very dry. Now I use Proactiv BP and Neutrogena Oil-Free SPF 15 and no more dryness.
  4. I just use the Proactiv Bp which is really good, and cetaphil cleanser. Works Great, thats what I would use. Skip the toner and wash.
  5. I took doxy as well as the regimen and continue to due the regimen. It seems to have sped up the process. So I would say yes do the regimen. I didn't break out, and stayed clear.
  6. I would use this: Total Block 65, The Best. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...BUY-PLST-0-SRCH
  7. You want the SPF one during the day, so you have protection from the sun.
  8. My face was also VERY flaky and peeling while using Eucerin Renewal AHA, After 2 Fingers of BP. I've switched to Neutrogena oil-free spf 15, and the peeling has stopped.
  9. Is it ok to use Proactiv Bp instead of neutrogena?
  10. Just wondering Because I just did this with a wash cloth and cetaphil, and my face looks so much smoother. I have been on the regimen 12 Days.
  11. Another dumb question, can i scar be red, or just and indent
  12. I have had acne for about 6 years moderately bad, including red acne (whatever you call them) on cheeks and chin. I would just pretend it wasnt there for years. I'm wondering now that im on the regimen and treating them with bp, if they will heal or am I stuck forever with these. I mean because I waited so long. Thanks.
  13. I recently tried waiting 30 minutes instead of 15, and notice a lot less stinging. It used to sting for hours, now only a few minutes, and I have only been on the Regimen for 11 Days.
  14. Just wondering if it will inflame and prolong the redness. And is it okay to put Eucerin Renewal AHA on new acne after BP of course.
  15. Just wondering if the benzaclin is better than regular neutrogena bp. It is a lot more expensive, and wonder if I should keep buying it. I dont have a lot of money. Thanks.