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  1. So let's prolong their suffering and let them get acne scars as a result of cystic scarring acne. Makes sense. No, not prolong, just make them acknowledge the risks of accutane, it should be considered with a derma before going into the therapy.
  2. I don't think it's due to your shaving cream. Just don't use it for a while though and see what happens. Nevertheless, this is nothing to worry about
  3. Can you stop telling everyone to go on Accutane? It's way more dangerous than you make it sound like. Anyways, no you are not beyond hope, all you need to do is find a good topical treatment and a dermatologist who knows what they're doing, you'll start seeing improvements soon and hope will come back to you, I promise, hang on in there.
  4. You will change, you might think that you're going to be alone all your life but no, someone will come along the way and break that thought of yours. It's just a temporary thing, hold on in there.
  5. Yes, you can find love, don't believe anyone telling you that you can't. I had the prettiest girlfriend two years ago back when I had pretty bad acne and she loved me so much, she never even cared about my acne.
  6. @allykk Haha, yesss, usually when acne sufferers here see others labeling their mild acne as severe get furious haha, it's a self-reflexive thing. Let me know how your "acne journey" is going on
  7. That is horrible, having parents that are not supportive during your "acne journey" is terrible. As much as you can try to not let it get to you, it will, it's just the way the human works, those things will affect you mentally a lot. Hold on in there.
  8. @inception Please do not label Accutane as a safe and harmless drug. It has done wonderful and terrible things for people, other people might react much worse to it, like me, and then others can see great improvements (I have seen improvements too). It is a very powerful drug, as curing as it can be it can be just as harmful. Please, discuss Accutane with someone who knows this stuff before taking it. It is a very powerful drug.
  9. Hello, Can someone please tell me the severity of my back scars, and maybe a way to treat them, thanks. This is a month ago, and they kinda look better now, smaller and lighter, but still brown, i also have black/whiteheads on my back, some of them and somewhere raised skin(i have no idea why). My face is significantly better.
  10. I'm sorry for this... Best advice is, go to a dermatologist and check yourself out...
  11. you so cuteee, you deserve the clearest face on earth, ANYWAYS, your face looks pretty good, no cysts or anything like that, maybe just give it time and watch your food.
  12. Yes, there was a stage in my life when I had pretty bad acne and it was getting worse and I was angry all the time and everyone was asking me why I was angry but I never had the guts to tell them
  13. Do you have body acne? That looks to me like pure acne vulgaris.